Thursday, May 5, 2011


What IS this green stuff that falls from the maples and coats everything in sight?  Arboriculture was never my strong suit.  
It is annoying and gorgeous all in the same breath.  This is our green time.  There are more shades of green than one could ever grasp out there - on a May lawn, a flower bed, an unturned garden.
Vivid.  Alive.  Green is the color of life.
The rhubarb is ready for picking.  I took an enormous bag into work and left it on the back table for people to help themselves.  Rhubarb Crisp.  Stewed Rhubarb.  Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.  Rhubarb Compote.
Now that's a cute dog - and he looks good in green!  I've been knitting in green - "Celery" Sock Candy by Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  
I LOVE these socks - really truly LOVE them!  What IS it about socks?  Little works of art.  Another view -
Cushy plump goodness - cotton and elite.  Sometimes splitty, but forgivably so.


JelliDonut said...

Do you know anything about wild rhubarb? We have some growing behind our condo. I'm pretty sure dogs don't pee on it, so it would be cool to harvest it, if it's edible.

LOVE those socks!

Zoey said...

rhubarb ready for picking??? Mine is barely out of the ground!

I have no idea what the green stuff is, but in early June I get tons of "yellow stuff"--pine pollen that even comes through the window screens and lands on my tables. UGH...hate that time of the year!

Suz said...

oh the pooch looks adorable in that photo..very nice
and love those socks
and yes green...beautiful lovely much needed green

Delisa said...

Oh Jody what beautiful socks! I love the color and lacy/leafy pattern. Thank you, for the encouraging and helpful comment you left for me on my blog! The tutorial you recommended did just the trick. I have been practicing today and finally got the hang of it. I really should have just put it down last night when I got tired. :) I guess I was kind of like a little kid who had played too long and didn't want to stop. I'm knitting my socks in a similar color called "sea spray mist". Lovely pictures also. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fun Saturday night ahead! Delisa :)