Wednesday, May 11, 2011

head back to camp ...

'cos I've got nothing in the way of completed projects!  Doing lots of process knitting and quilt-making dreaming, and sewing back-sliding.  In short, I have this damn DAY job which continuously gets in the way of my REAL life, my fiber life. 

Things are happening outdoors - in abundance.
The mysotis is absolutely prolific - growing in places never before seen.  Forget-me-not...spilling out into the walk ways of the herb garden.
Their heart-stopping blue faces remind me that life might be taking a turn for the better.  And I am ready.  Ready for some good news.
The sugar snap peas arrive like clock work.  Planted just after St. Patrick's Day, they announce themselves in early April and get busy sending out tendrils - reaching to climb the fence I've provided.
The apple trees are wearing their best lacy petticoats -
Sunday in the middle of the week.


Delisa said...

Hello Jody, what lovely pictures you have tonight! I especially love the one of the apple tree. I long for my own apple trees. I had three gala trees when I lived in California and miss them very much. They had just started to produce when we left and came to Georgia. I'm sorry you can't get to your knitting as often as you would like to. You are so talented, and your projects are really special. You never know when life will take a happy turn and new possibilities will present themselves! When you have the dream, you are already half way there. Have a good evening! Delisa :)

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, it looks like you lost your comments in the Blogger meltdown too. I lost my post on Wednesday and 8 comments. Eventually the post popped back on. Perhaps the comments will too. All the comments I left for others on their blogs disappeared too.

I love your photo of the apple tree, it is so beautiful. I used to have three gala trees when we lived in California but we had to leave them behind when we sold the house. They had just started to produce.

We have a small pecan tree on our property now, but we have a friend nearby with a huge fig tree. I count the days till summer and look forward to the big gift bags she gives to me, filled with ripe figs. I never thought figs were especially appetizing until I ate one from this tree still warm from the sun. They are as sweet as candy and just melt in your mouth. Sigh, summer will be here before I know it. :) I hope you are having a good weekend. Happy knitting and quilting! Delisa :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Oh, I love those pics. The little blue flowers are awesome. I can smell the fresh air of the place. Thank you so much. I'm also wrestling with the temporary job. How dare it get in the way of creating? Have a good week.