Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It's hard to get out of bed on these dark rainy mornings.  


Suz said...

Oh I know...but don't you have a stash of chick movies for such an occasion?
like Shirley Valentine?
Oh dear you must get a few...saves me all the time
It's okay to wallow a bit
but have fun doing it...watch Shirley
Or the Banger Sisters..oh I love that one too
but get out of bed is a must
put on lights all over the house
take yourself to lunch
buy yourself some daisies..happy flowers
indulge in some good magazines
get a massage (or give one ;) )

Delisa said...

It is hard for me to get going on rainy mornings too. But then I try to remind myself of all the things I can do on rainy mornings that cannot be done on other days. There is nothing quite as soothing as knitting in the gray light of morning in my pajamas, listening to rhythm of the rain splattering outside or blowing against my window. Or baking a loaf of cinnamon bread, brushing my big dog or taking a hot bath or putting on a sweater and opening all the windows of the house so that the fresh smell of the rain water and damp earth fills the house.

I'm sorry you have been having bad dreams Jody, it happens to me too with regularity. For me the cause is always physical pain. It weaves into my sleep and causes nightmarish images. I wake up most mornings exhausted and feel like I am pulling myself into the day by force. The thing that has always helped me the most is to fight the inclination to think that my whole day was going to be ruined by my bad morning. I hope that you have a beautiful day ahead and have some time to catch up on your rest. Delisa