Thursday, March 11, 2010


And sheet rock - it can multiply one's happiness beyond measure!
After living in this old house for three years w/o walls and ceilings in the dual hallways - we have SHEET ROCK!  I think that it is most beautiful.  Before you know it, those lovely old wood floors will be unveiled as well - and, forgive me while I race ahead - there will be REAL sconces on the wall and a magnificent victorian sofa cradled between ... 

Surprising how a bit of renovation can lift one's March spirits.

An ordinary trip to the green grocer provides promises of the spring garden - I am eager to get started this season.  Each year in the garden is a new opportunity to rethink the old methods.  In 2010, raised beds fascinate me.  Scott is not so eager to experiment because, after all, HE will be the builder of the beds !  


Jackie said...

I can see where the sheet rock is a thing of beauty!

M said...

Your blog is absolutely eye candy! I love the photos -- the musings -- the incredibly artistic arrangement of color, texture, and prose. A delight each and every visit! Best, Mary Anne

Zoey said...

How exciting for you! I can already see that it's going to be beautiful!

Love the Easter quilt in your header!

Bea said...

Oh! You finally got your sheetrock!! Congrats. I can't wait to see what the finished room will look like. Hopefully it won't take three years to finish!

MeinSie said...

sheetrock - believe me, I KNOW the poetry that word!
the scent of it - the perfume of a sweet future!