Friday, March 19, 2010


This is what I saw when I emerged from my morning shower - Scott was lifting a kitchen floor board.  I had NO idea that this old house had a foundation comprised of FIELD STONE!  No kidding.
This is an interesting time - I hope that I'm not boring you with our house discoveries.  To my mind, this is a beautiful sight:
The talented fellow that walks about on these is turning my hallways into pure poetry!  (and he arrived before 8:00am - who DOES that these days?!)
I'm going to be needing some help with paint choices.  After the wainscoting and chair rails are built and installed, I want to cover the upper walls with a juicy saturated color.  I'm thinking saffron.  Bubbha likes pink.  ANYTHING pink.

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Bea said...

Love saffron. I think that would be beautiful. The field stone is an interesting discovery. Your house improvements are not boring in the least, in fact I'm thoroughly enjoying that its coming together for you and your so pleased with it.