Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's a gorgeous day in the northeast.  After spending much of the morning in the sewing room, I promised the dogs that we could go out to the garden and plant, roll around, sniff and tackle the asparagus stalks.  Soon, you guys.  Blogging first.  Sewing.  It always calls to me this time of the year.  I went in search of one fine coat pattern yesterday and discovered that I'd stumbled in on the wave of a patten sale.  So I came home with more than the coat pattern.
I scored this pattern for $3.99!  When I first started to sew, patterns cost less than $2.00, so this was an impressive find!  Matching it with fabric will be more difficult - for that, I'll have to get in the car and drive to Norwalk, Connecticut.  There is a fabric mecca there called 'Banksville Fabrics" and I could devote more than one post to them, but I'll save that for a rainy day.
Less than $5.00 for this combo -  just cannot do better than that!
Some silk and seersucker and embroidered linens and rayon ... all leftovers from last year that I will put into action this season. I have a different color palette in mind for this spring, but the local fabric store had ZIP in the way of pale pink and good grays.  Again - a trip to CT is in order.
I ordered this pattern a while ago - I think that it will be fun to create in linen or chambray.  My denim "Bee" shirt is almost completed - I had to opt for a pima cotton to line the plackets and yoke as the denim was thick and unruly.  I hate it when that happens.
The last block was sewn for the "H" quilt and now I have to locate a sensational border.  I have a wild pink/fushia batik in mind - in keeping with the flamingos!
Thanks again to Wanda for the inspiration.  This quilt was a bright spot of color throughout the dreary wintry days - especially the weeks that I spent indoors by myself while Scott was off in the bahamas.  Speaking of which, he jets off again this week.  Where is it written that he gets to build in such gorgeous spots????  Someone has to put their foot down!  He's hired the painters to come and do the hallways while he's gone, and I have guests lined up so I shouldn't complain too much.  But I always do.  It's my job.
Oh - another pattern and the only magazine that I allowed myself - it was that gray lace on the cover that did me in.  I have instituted a freeze on magazine purchases and it's been going pretty well.  I'm good as long as I stay away from Barnes & Noble.  And the LYS.  And the card aisle at the market.  Basically, I cannot go into any stores that feature magazines.  I'm flawed.


Exuberant Color said...

We used to sew whole outfits for today's price of the patterns alone.

Your H quilt is looking great. Looking at the variety of fabrics I'm thinking you have a pretty good stash.

Bea said...

Love that cover of the lace magazine...might need to check Ravelry to see what's in there!

mary anne Rittenhouse said...

The Vogue knitting has some incredible patterns. Check out #20 -- I bought the yarn to make this one for Mariel, but didn't look at the actual pattern. A 44 row repeat! As a good friend said when I showed her my folly, "A shut-up and don't even think about talking to me pattern!" But oh it is gorgeous.
On a different note, I had a seriously crazy blast from the past this week. AnnDee Fishman found me via Facebook and called Monday night. Let me know if you remember who she is. I though of you immediately when she contacted me. Happy Spring! xoxo

MeinSie said...'s Friday and I look forward so much to Sunday!