Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Turns out that I'm not done whining about my return to work.  Having The Bean here makes me want to stay home and play hookey.  There are so many things that we could be doing together!  Now I regret the unfortunate decision to reveal my blogging to my supervisor.  What was I thinking!

I could tell her that my head is pounding and that I just want to rip it off.  Do you think she'd buy it?  


Paulina said...

Maybe you could tell your supervisor that your blog died and that you are going to start another one and you will forward it to her as soon as you are ready~~~ No, she'll probably be one of those who will want to try to resuscitate it. Ah, how we suffer for wanting to spread ourselves around. But we can complain about work. Everyone does. EVERYONE>

Bea said...

Love all the Halloween stuff. Hopefully you didn't reveal your blog name?