Thursday, September 10, 2009


There are two women who work at the nursing home where my father resides now.  One is a physical therapist, the other, an activity coordinator.  Both are women of exceptional character.   I don't have the words to express how much I admire and respect them, as well as the work that they do.  I stumble out of there sometimes, blinded by sorrow and exhaustion, but they stay behind, caring for our loved ones - and always, and I mean this, ALWAYS with a smile and a cheerful word.  

Kathleen is a ray of sunshine.  Annie is goodness personified.  To each I owe a debt that will never be repaid.  But I'm trying.  Annie is getting a quilt - I'm not ready to show that to you yet.  But Kathleen's gift is drying on the line this morning and once I finish the beading, she will have it  - and I hope that it will relay to her how much she means to me and my family.

'It's the sun in the belly with a million rays.
The rest is nothing. 
It's only for that reason that Matisse is Matisse -

it's because he carries the sun in his belly.'
-Pablo Picasso

Kathleen and Annie not only carry the sun, they are transmitters, they spread it over us like a favorite shawl.

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kathleenMLee said...

Thank you Jody! I honestly can't find the words to express my thanks to you. When I think about the time you put in to make this for me and the loving thoughts within it's stitches, I would like you to know it has been a pleasure being part of your father's life and knowing that each stitch that was put into this quilt came from your heart. I will treasure it forever. Annie told me about your website yesterday. You are such a gifted, talented, beautiful soul. I love your blog. Your daughter reminds me of mine. :) A new ray of sunshine daily.
I would like to frame my quilt hanging to preserve it forever. Is there a special process to this?
Have a beautiful Sunday.
Love always,