Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The Can-Do-Guy was really touched by your comments on his pergola.  I promised to do a walk-through of the house to capture some of the other pieces of furniture that he has made - but that would involve the dread Housework, so maybe another day!  The 'H' word and I are really incompatible.  The way I see it - Georgia O'Keefe achieved her splendor and excellence without the trappings of an immaculate house.  She probably had staff.  In any case, she didn't waste her creative time staring at dust bunnies, and that's good enough for me.

Autumn is here and this means that Halloween is in the air.  My favorite season.  Warning: You'll be seeing a lot of ORANGE throughout the next few weeks.   Let's start with the dining room - oh!  The harvest table is one of the pieces that Can-Do-Guy whipped up in time for our first Thanksgiving family gathering.  We had just moved to this place that we call 'Cloudwalk' and the family agreed to come for dinner, but we didn't have a table suitable for seating 12!  So, Himself went out to the barn where he had recently built a new staircase and fashioned this beautiful table from the old stairway stringers.  He. Is. Amazing.  The table is a keeper. 

A box arrived in the mail a few weeks ago.  It was filled with delicious buttery alpaca - what a feast for the eyes!
 Thank you Lally, you little Yarn Enabler.  Who is better than you?  NOBODY.

 Yes, that is a Kureyon bouquet in the bowl above. When I haven't any fresh flowers I find that the Noro is a fine substitute.  No need for watering, no messy petals dropping.  Now, if I could find a way to keep Bella's paws out of the mix, I'd be a happy camper. She has few redeeming qualities, that one.


Zoey said...

He whipped up a table for 12 from the old stairway stringers just in time for Thanksgiving dinner? Wow!

He's not Martha Stewart's brother, is he?

The table looks great as do your decorations. I love orange, so can't wait to see more.

Paulina said...

Oh, to have a box of yarn such as this arrive on my doorstep. I would struggle with the thoughts running through my heart - do I really have to work? Why can't I just stay home and knit? What are my priorities? Knit. Work. Knit. Work. Knit...