Saturday, September 5, 2009


The Knitted Beaded Bag first caught my eye from across the counter in a small yarn shop.  It dangled there quietly, nearly hidden by the bodacious eyelash synthetics and racks of imported needles.  What an interesting contrast it made to those raucous yarns with its little matte beads and pretty color changes.  I immediately purchased 6 skeins of Koigu, an impossibly small circular Addi needle, and a pair of #2 dpn's.  Then I went off in search of beads.  

This is where it gets good.  I discovered that a bead shop had recently opened in a nearby town.  I wandered in and instantly went into a Bead Trance, from which I have never recovered!  I also had the incredibly good fortune to meet Janice, the creator of I Dream of Beading, and we have been friends ever since.  If you ever get to Poughkeepsie (I know, I know, quit with the lame jokes!) you NEED to visit her shop.  I'll have plenty to say about THAT at another time.

All six beaded bags were created and given as gifts.  I confess, I put the tattered pattern away and forgot about it for years.  But recently I rediscovered it and decided to try it in a different yarn - one with more 'tooth'.  That's the Knitter's Prerogative you know,we reinvent our projects the way we wish.  What is there to stop us?  

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Innanyc said...

Vow!good artistic touch.Swathed with mesmerizing hues, the bags have an aesthetic look. Hand bags designed with multi and semi-precious beads bring out the secrets of the heart.