Friday, July 27, 2012

My BFF is moving.  It's a good move for her - and a part of me is very very happy and proud of her decision to take this leap.  Selfishly, I am sad because she will be quite a distance away.  You know how it is.  I made a market bag for her so that when she bicycles to the open air markets she can take 'me' along!
There is a pocket inside with a nice brass clip for her keys.  The reverse side is slightly different -
I can't show you the gifts that will be carried inside until tomorrow, when I hand this over and say goodbye.  I'm sure that the computer is one of the last things she will remove - she's clever like that.

It's hard to make new friends.  

These beautiful hydrangeas and a puppy image of the Bubbha have been keeping me company while I knit -
I feel a little lost - kind of fragmented, but always grateful.  Mom moving to Connecticut, Bubs crossing Rainbow Bridge and Patty winging her way across the states all occurred without coincidence.  There IS a master plan and we usually are not offered a glimpse into or an explanation why.  I'm going with acceptance today and the faith that everything is happening exactly as it is meant to.  
It would be nice to win the NYS lottery tonight.  Just sayin' in case anyone is listening...


Suz said...

That is a beautiful bag for your friend Patty
Ah I love your attitude...follow something like that myself
How else could we get through this's all grace and love
Did you buy a ticket?

Zoey said...

Love the bag, but so sorry to hear your BFF is moving.