Wednesday, July 11, 2012

for emma

I was asked to make a little hanging for a six year old who LOVES peace symbols and beads.
What little girl doesn't need some pink, orange and purple in her life!
I'm told that this gift was a happy hit!

The dog days of summer are upon us.  Ayumi published her adorable popsicle pattern and I couldn't wait to piece it up!
Speaking of dog days ...
The way that he crosses his paws just slays me every time!  Terminal cuteness is essential for someone who is NOT supposed to be on the couch!
Simply irresistible.


Suz said...

terminal cuteness...ha ha
love that emma wall hanging

Zoey said...

love how you outlined her name in beads.

That popsicle pattern is pretty cute, too. It would make nice summer potholders.

ayumills said...

Hi Jody!! I am SO happy to see your lovely popsicle!! Thank you so much for making it, blogging about it, and saying nice things about it! Your popsicle looks so delicious!!
The quilt is wonderful too! Lucky Emma!

Jayne said...

The first has a serene Oriental feel about it - love it!