Tuesday, July 17, 2012

this is vacation?

We moved mom on Sunday and lost Bubbs in the afternoon.  In between, I tripped over some terra cotta pots and injured myself pretty badly.  Added to this mix - I ended up with Maude, my mom's cat, which brought the animal count up to three.   Of course our Bella wants nothing to do with a new cat so I have to keep them separate.  Now we are talking about individual dishes, cat litter boxes ...

Today I took in a boarder -

Hilary's pinscher Peanut is here while his 'parents' take a much-needed break to Newport.  Oh boy.  Another set of food requirements, sleeping arrangements, leashes, etc.  I'm exhausted!  And my wrist hurts!  Waaahhh waaahhh!  (want some cheese with that whine?!)
Still, I find time for this thing that gives me so much satisfaction.
Thank goodness for the quilting!  Where would I be without it?

 (It's 9:00 pm and 91 degrees outside.  I have to go walk a dog.)  I'm reminded that this life is precious and I feel grateful that I have this time to take care of my family.  We have air conditioning, our health and each other.  This IS vacation!

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Zoey said...

I am so sorry to hear all of this, Jody. I do hope you are not hurt too badly.

Those are a couple of cute PP patterns. I think it is wonderful that paper piecing can bring us so much pleasure in an otherwise bad week.