Thursday, August 2, 2012

outdoor wanderings

My sister gave me a little Gingko tree grown from seed -
Location is important so I have not been hasty ... I'm considering several sites.  I want to plant it at the foot of an aging apple tree where it will one day shade my Aphrodite hosta.  But I worry.  When the ancient tree topples, will it take the tender gingko with it?

I also have this little bay which has been struggling.
I finally realized the culprit today - a nasty case of scale disease.  Alcohol on a q-tip is the favored remedy.  
The hydrangeas continue to please - it seems as though every vessel I have is filled to the brim with various shades of this wonderful flowering shrub.
Plans to enlarge and open my potting shed for retail are on hold.  Thank goodness the hydrangeas continue as always!  The lonicera is failing and will be taken off the trellis.  Climbing roses will take its place.  Scarlet roses? Pink?
A little door knocker which originally graced the back entrance at my mother's house.   I could not bear to leave it behind.  So many precious memories and 'things' were left.  One has to make peace with it all.
The herb garden in late July - time for planting autumn crops ... radish, chard, beets, onions and the like.  
And upstairs in the sewing room - all kinds of goodies emerge ...


Suz said...

love your herb garden...who knew?
any witchie wonders going on there?
I have that door knocker...and I love it...leaving things hard to do
Your little cottage shed is adorable....
and of course..the quilt top wonderful

Jane said...

You may want to check to see about the gingko...plants can be either male or female...the female plant has very stinky fruit! That's why most of them propagated asexually and are male trees. Just an FYI. LOVE your 'starting' seeds quilt-great!

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, your garden is wonderful. I love ginko trees, they are one of my most favorite. The street where I grew up in Los Angeles was lined with them. In October/November the whole street was a blaze with yellow gold and in the spring the leaves were the brightest, happiest new-green. I have such happy memories as a child picking up the ginko leaves and studying them with microscopic detail. :) I once crocheted a large afghan that was made of shells stitch that were in the shape of ginko leaves. It was so pretty, when you spread it out on the bed it looked like a carpet of leaves!

I'm sorry to hear that your friend is moving away. I went through that too when I moved here to Georgia and left all my life-long buddies in California. I have made many new friends and I love them all, but there is something so precious about an old friend. They see the whole picture of who I am, they know my stories, there is so much I don't have to explain. But then, it is refreshing in a way to have new friends that see you only as who you are today. It makes me work a little harder and keeps me on my toes. :)

I love the market bag you made for her! What a treasure. I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead and that you get to work on all the things you enjoy! With Love, Delisa :)