Sunday, March 18, 2012

These colors.  These foamy sea-whipped colors!
Close your eyes and listen ... do you hear the ocean calling?  No?  Pity.  I hear and see the ocean so many times in the course of an ordinary day.  It pulls and tugs at me - beckoning.  My daydreams have me living in a cottage by the sea.

But for today, there are leaves to rake and statuary to uncover, and no pounding surf in sight.
I've never started these chores in March, but the "winter" seems to be over, and the earth's bounty is beginning to unfold.  Tulips crocus and allium are stretching, yawning and shaking off the ground cover.
I've pulled out my best spring knitting - I'll stop complaining about the non-winter of 2012 now and get busy.  Life on life's terms. 
It's impossible to find anything to complain about here.


Bea said...

Pretty pretty! Sorry to have disappeared so long. I've missed reading and I'm hoping I can start again.

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! I hope you have had a nice week. Wow these colors are so beautiful. I day dream about a cottage by the sea too! It is one of my happiest and most recurrent day dreams. My second is owning a combination yarn shop and tea room! Put it by the sea and I think I might pop! :) Have a fun saturday night! Delisa :)