Saturday, March 10, 2012

maiden voyage for the madtosh

Finish this last hot water bottle sweater and then you can reward yourself with something delicious - something egg yolk yellow, to match the tulips and the Saturday sunshine that is streaming through the glass doors.
If you could read my mind this morning, you would have heard me bargaining with myself!  I am trying so hard to adhere to my newly appointed rule, which is: to finish one project before rewarding myself with a new one! Can you see why I've wavered?
These skeins are opulently saturated beauties.  The colors are so dreamy that I cannot wait for one more hot water bottle sweater moment!  
I actually hid them from myself when they arrived over a month ago.  

It was one of those days where you find yourself flitting among your Stuff ... dust a little here, piece a little there, skein some yarn, wash some dishes, give the dog his pills.
Don't ask me why he has dragged a tissue out to the bay plant.  Maybe he's saving it until I walk away.  And then he'll inhale it.  The pills make him extra goofy - I wonder if he is experiencing dog hallucinations.
 My thoughts have been drifting toward the stack of seed catalogs that threaten to take over the countertops. It's too early to plant, but I've consoled myself by bringing out the botanical plates.  Now I can see why I need to put the dark dinnerware away!  Oppressive!
There's another little bag - they keep popping up all over the place!
As fast as I make them, they disappear.  Everyone loves bags.


Paulina said...

Your bags are so wonderful. I want many. I am working up a tutorial on Monday for the straps and then I want to buy several in different sizes. I just have to have many.

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! Your hot water bottle cover is beautiful, I love those deep jewel tone colors too. I know what you mean though, spring is definitely in the air! Those tulips are heavenly. No wonder you have been so inspired. :) I have been working on a really fun project. It is a knitted lace slouchy beret pattern I got from an Interweave magazine. I learned several new stitches and finally got the hang of using circular needles after all these years! I have always been all thumbs with them and for some reason this time it just all clicked. I am blocking the hat now and can't wait until it dries to see the final result. Give Harley a pet for me and an extra milkbone! I sure hope he gets to feeling better real soon. You asked if the medicine might give him hallucinations? I believe that was happening to Barkley when he had the recent overdose. He was really loopy and doing strange things. Once the medicine got out of his system he returned to his normal self. If you haven't already, you might want to inform the vet if this keeps up, perhaps he needs to have his dose lowered or adjusted a bit. Have a restful evening tonight and a great day tomorrow! Delisa :)