Saturday, November 26, 2011

this lovely long weekend

Are you enjoying this long weekend?  Here in the northeast we are being blessed with the most extraordinary weather- warm and windy and dry.  I've had clothes on the line for three days running - all of those quilts and comforters and sheets and towels that will capture and hold the scent of these November afternoons, basking, in the sun.

Thanksgiving in Connecticut was wonderful.  My sister sets the most elegant table -
And the food was nearly diminished by all of the lovely crystal and porcelain and sterling - we had such a feast.  There was laughter and love and I believe that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, even Hilary, who was nursing a horrendous cold.
I couldn't take my eyes off of the chandelier - it was wearing such finery!  The afternoon light streamed through the windows and the combination of sensational food and loved ones was PERFECTION.
One of my blogger friends has complained that I never post any photos of myself, and she's right about that.  I have gained weight over the last several years and am never happy with any photos except, perhaps, THIS one ...
There's my girl, Clementine.  I am so thoroughly in love with this girl, and I'm not alone -
She has something special going on with my son.  We are all hopelessly in love.  (There may be cavaliers in ALL of our futures!)  These little dogs are incredible - they totally bond with their "people".  Sweet, unassuming, a joy to be with, this, coming from people who have always had retrievers!  It's a conspiracy!
I wandered around my sister's home and found so many beautiful nooks and crannies.  An orchid that welcomes one as one enters -
A favorite photo of my father - making faces in order to send his grandchildren into fits of laughter -
The front room - so elegant and peaceful with the fireplace lit .... and, oh!  My sister creates the most exquisite needlepoint pillows!  She has honored all of her beloved dogs, loved and gone onto the happy hunting grounds -
First - Sally.  She came from a Millbrook kennel and was truly, a remarkable lab.
There was Lola - she completely stole my heart and passed on way too soon.
Of course, we cannot forget Mr. March and Lily and the unsinkable Nick -
I think that she liked the newest addition that I brought along -
I hope that you all had a blessed joyous holiday!


Zoey said...

Your sister has a lovely home. I am glad your doggie pillow was well received. It appears that you had a good Thanksgiving weekend. We enjoyed the same weather - 50 degrees-very unusual for late November.

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, what beautiful pictures! It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Your sister's home is lovely! It looks like something out of Victoria magazine, so homey, with personal touches in every corner. Your pillow came out great! Her needlepoint canvases are exquisite. I enjoy doing needlepoint too.

I'm so happy you had such a great time. We had a party for several teenage boys yesterday. They slept over night. I made a pancake breakfast. Then they got an early start with my husband out n the work shop building radio kits. They had a blast. I did too, but I am sure tired today. I bbq'd a million hamburgers and made a million chocolate chip cookies. :)

I'm going to rest tonight and do a little knitting. I'm working on another pair of gloves with some delightful merino wool, self striping in various autumn colors. Have a loving evening! Delisa :)

Suz said...

I nearly fainted with all that her home...and I love those dogs...I know someone who rescues them from shelters....and he has 3 now....they are so beautiful.....glad you had a wonderful time

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! I wanted to give you a "Leibster Blog Award"! it is in appreciation for your beautiful and inspiring blog! You can read about it over on my blog. Have a lovely day! Delisa :)