Sunday, November 13, 2011

baby shower, etc

It's hard to believe that my daughter's friends are having children.  Where did the time go to?  It seems like only yesterday that these lovely pony-tailed girls were piling into the back seat of my car - giggling, vibrant, ready for anything.  And of course 'anything' is life, and life marches on in a natural order, mostly.  Today's baby shower, or 'sprinkle' is to celebrate the upcoming birth of Michelle's second baby. Hilary is Godmother to her first, Julia, and there is an 8 year span between the children.  
What would equal an Elizabeth Zimmerman classic for this baby?
Softly knit in Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo - a little delight for a precious new life.
I was hoping to make a hat, but didn't have time.  This baby is due in late February so I will be able to complete a hat or two before then and send along.  
I am coming home in the darkness now and have to fight the urge to hit the couch after dinner.  Luckily, my knitting calls to me, so there have been a few projects that are moving right along.
My wonderful friend and hair dresser, Mary, saw the Kauni yarn in my knitting bag and went slightly ga-ga for it.  I plan to make a Newton Scarf for her Christmas gift.  I love the color changes in this yarn, but wish that it were less wooly, or scratchy.  It's definitely an out-side-the-coat knit!

Hilary bought a chocolate brown Calvin Klein coat and needs a hat - another Wishbone knit from Carol's extraordinary Nirvana fiber.  Dreaminess.
I wear my red Wishbone cap every single morning when Harley and I have our walk.
He's waiting for me right now.  What a face!  All of this knitting gets on his last nerve.  Throw the ball!  Chase me through the house!  Gimme a biscuit!  We all make sacrifices, but he's not interested in my 'knitting time'!  It's a theme that has gotten too much play of late.  Since I love him to stupid excess, I'll end this with one more little tidbit.
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  Part One of an adorable layette.  Suddenly, everyone is expecting babies!


Zoey said...

You are so generous with your knitting projects -- such lovely items you make for people!

I know what you mean about daylight savings time. I am ready for bed at 6:00 p.m. these days. I hate it!

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! The sweater is so delicate and beautiful! My goodness, you have accomplished so much in the last few weeks. I see that same face on Barkley sometimes. :) And I do the same thing: I put down my needles. We go outside, I find him a nice big stick and we sit under the shade of our favorite tree and feel the wind! I'm still working away on the crochet shawl for my friend. I have finally gotten to the pretty lacy trim part and can see the end in sight. Have a good night's rest and a happy day tomorrow! Delisa :)

farmlady said...

It's a busy time of year without adding baby showers. I love the new term for them... "sprinkles".
That pink sweater is beautiful but I really love the multi colored knitting.
I just bought a ball of ECO ALPACA from Cascade Yarns that's 100% Undyed Baby Alpaca. It's so soft. Can't wait to make something with it. It's the answer to the rough wool problem. You might see if they have multi colored yarn.
Go to
Now, for heaven's sake, take Harley for a walk.
Lovely post!

lifeinredshoes said...

Oh how I envy your talent!I crochet a tiny bit, nothing fancy.
I do however scour thrift stores for handmade baby/childrens sweaters, unfortunatly so does everyone else!
And quilting? Let's not go there :(

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, just thought I would pop by this morning and say hi! I hope you had a nice week. It was sure cold here last night, those socks I made last summer are sure starting to feel good! We had a big storm blow through. I am glad I went out last weekend and took pictures because most of the leaves are gone. I am looking forward to a quiet day today and hoping to get a little more work on my shawl done. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead. Delisa :)