Saturday, December 3, 2011

monkeys like banana (yellow)

First of all, we received our first Christmas card. It made me so very happy!
If you read the Thanksgiving post, you know that these two little dogs have stolen my heart. . . so much so that I have taken to perusing Cavalier breeder sites!  Unfortunately, this puppy doesn't line up with my budget!  One has to dream!
I'm a closet monkey admirer.  Silly, I know, and I've kept it under wraps for years.  Somehow, my devotion to elephants doesn't seem as sophomoric!  It's even acceptable or understandable to plan a retirement that includes working on an elephant sanctuary.  But monkeys?  I had to come out of the closet this year because that scoundrel sock monkey made his debut with fabric companies and suddenly - monkey themes abound!  When yarn poses with monkeys, curious things happen!
Christmas mitts from Morehouse Farm seem more festive when paired with that monkey.
Another Ysolda hat and mitts are coming soon - this lovely pea green theme seems to be emerging all around the place!  I love to see bits and pieces of bright green tucked in with traditional holiday colors.  
I have promised a baby sweater to a friend.  
 It needs a washing and a blocking and then it will be off!  But not before posing with the monkey!
Harley wanted to remind everyone that monkeys are ridiculous!


Pooch said...

Ah, Harley, that monkey is the cutest with that sweet (not dopey) face and the wonderful green color! Definitely a cutie-cute monkey.


Delisa said...

Hi Jody! Harley is just too sweet with his pink nose! I completely understand the "monkey/yarn" connection thing. :) My stuffed Pooh bear has modeled many a knitted hat and baby bonnet! I love animals too and go through phases. For awhile it was all about rabbits. Rabbit pictures, rabbit figurines, rabbit stuffed animals, rabbit earrings ect. Then when everyone else found out I loved rabbits, the rabbit presents started pouring in. The rabbits began to run me out of house and home! Then for a few years it was llamas and alpacas! Now it's golden retrievers. I have already received 5 different golden retriever calendars for 2012! :)

Tony and I just got back from a little trip to celebrate our 22nd. anniversary. We went to Beauford, S.C. We had a wonderful time. Right around the corner from our bed and breakfast was a wonderful yarn store. Tony plopped himself down in the cushy "husband" chair and all the nice ladies fussed over him while I felt every skein in the store. It was a wonderful yarn experience. We only have one "real" honest to goodness yarn store in our area and it is 40 miles away from my house. So I don't often get the chance to actually touch all the neat yarn I see online. It's nice to be home now though, and I keep staring at my new bag of yarn trying to decide what to make next! The possibilities are endless. :) Have a wonderful sunday! Delisa ;)