Thursday, September 22, 2011

garden clips and knitting at work (sssshhh)

One remaining melon - Scott picked the others.  They were not ready!  I'm still chapped about that.
This big guy is safe since neither of us can even lift it!
It's been a prolific season for all of the tomato varieties.  We never grow tired of them, consumed in any form!
The swiss chard seems more flavorful in late summer.  And there HAS been knitting, of course.  Knitting at work.  If I show you, I'll have to kill you.
We'll pretend we didn't see that Monday Morning Cardigan.  
Orange cardigans, black cats.  It's coming- my favorite season ...


Zoey said...

What a shame about the melons.

That is one big pumpkin! What will you do with it?

Loving that bright orange for your favorite season.

Suz said...

love all the orange
and of course, love seeing beautiful
and Man oh man..what garden you had this summer

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, your garden pictures are so beautiful! I love the giant pumpkin, it almost looks too pretty to be real. I can just imagine the taste of all those delicious tomatoes!

We have a friend who is keeping us stocked up with fresh jalapeno peppers from his garden. We have really been enjoying them. My husband is a major homemade pico and salsa fan. We didn't put in a garden this year, but we have been getting some wonderful tomatoes and other fall produce from a nearby road side-stand.

Since technically you'll have to "kill" me if I see the sweater, I will only say cryptically: "If"..I ever saw a bright orange Monday morning cardigan...I'm sure it would be the most beautiful orange cardigan I have ever seen! :) Have a wonderful friday afternoon! Delisa :)

Jody said...

Delisa - your blog will not allow me to leave my comments!

Paulina said...

Uhhh I just want to cook up your garden. I love squashes. i could even eat them for breakfast. If I were rich, I would spend all my time cooking, knitting and sewing. That's it.