Saturday, September 10, 2011


We had some company today.  I was upstairs sewing when Harley started his barking-that-turns-into-wailing song.  This particular sound alerts me to the fact that we have company.  And not just 'people' company.  DOG company.  Aaahhh...
John Patrick Reilly (known as Reilly) and Ollie.  Such good dogs, but faster than greased pigs.  Every attempt that I made to capture a group photo turned into a disaster.  I finally gave up and held the damn dogs in place!  You can see how successful this idea was.
So I did what any self-respecting amateur photographer would do - I brought out the treats!
Reilly has his treat where he likes it - and apparently there is no question about sharing.  He's a lovely chap.  We had a long talk about adoption and what kind of dog would be happiest here with Harley.
BOSTON. TERRIER.  That's all, folks!

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Delisa said...

Hi Jody, I know what you mean, taking pictures of bouncy happy dogs, is so difficult! I'm glad Harley had a fun time with his buddies. I sure hope that he is feeling better. We have so many fire ants outside that Barkley can't do much playing till the weather gets a little colder. We really have to watch him. A couple of months ago he laid down on a ant hill and we didn't know it, and his poor belly was bitten up with more bites than we could count. He had to be put on serious meds and was "coned" for two weeks. So we are running him around as much as we can inside. It is hysterical when an 85lb. golden gets a "running fit" inside the house! He runs up and down the stairs in a sudden burst of pure dog joy and around and around the coffee table, chasing Tony around and around the kitchen. The whole house is in sudden laugher and chaos and I just try to sit down and not get knocked down! :) It is one of the happiest parts of my day.

Your tomato bread looks wonderful and the corn chowder! That has really put me in the mood to make some soup. The weather here is still 90 during the day, but it is noticeably cooler in the mornings and evenings and there is definitely a tinge of fall in the air. I have been continuing to knit away on my first pair of gloves. I have just finished making the little finger. I also have some socks going too. The sock yarn is self striping with many shades of autumn colors. I can't wait till that first cold night!

I hope you have a lovely evening ahead, until next time... Delisa :)