Sunday, July 10, 2011

sunday morning garden stroll

Renee, this one is for you!  
The East Garden, which has not felt the sting strength of my weeding hand!
The lacecap hydrangea is my favorite and it is thriving w/o me!  I haven't touched my gardens yet.  The weeds are colossal.  
The Fourth of July swags come down today - I'll miss them!  They'll be back on Labor Day.
This is probably as close to the blueberries as we can get - each season the chipmunks and birds make off with the entire crop!  Notice the thistle growing beneath the bushes - I always hope that its thorns will deter our hungry critters, but it isn't so.
We finally managed to force encourage the grapes to climb the mighty pergola!  One of my friends has dubbed this structure the "Tappan Zee" - which is, as all New Yorkers know, an expansive bridge!  I asked for a smaller version, I swear that I did.  (Scott has always moved to the beat of a different drummer!)
The daylily border is monopolized by weed and suffering a shaggy edge.  It's too late to edge and mulch without harming the bloom.  Sometimes you just have to let it go!
The vegetable garden is shaping up nicely.
Shallots and 'Sugar Baby' melons coexist peacefully.
Basil, beets and the giant pumpkin vines make good neighbors.
This is a good looking tomato crop!  Roma, plum, cherry, grape, big boy, beefsteak, etc!
Broccoli and beans - squash bringing up the rear.  It isn't ALL work -
Harley has a wading pool -
And there have been pink bird sightings in the hosta border.
Have a beautiful day!


JelliDonut said...

This was lovely! Thanks for sharing your garden.

Zoey said...

I think your gardens look good and you have done no weeding at all? I should try that!

It looks like somebody has been weeding that veggie garden -- everything is perfect. Will you be canning those tomatoes?

Anonymous said...

Your Garden is Wonderful.......Thanks for sharing