Wednesday, July 13, 2011

beating the heat

It's been too hot to garden.  It's almost unbearable to stand outside these early mornings with the hose, keeping the plants hydrated.   It was time to pick the yellow squash - 
Nothing too remarkable about yellow squash except when you consider that I didn't plant any this year.  This particular plant hunkered down under the compost and slept all winter.  I tried a new method this season which involved not tilling the compost in, but rather - laying it on top of the existing soil.  The tilling comes only in the areas that one actually plants.  I have more than a few returning plants - very cool!

After harvesting, I jumped in the car and head south to check out a yarn shop that I'd heard of.  My sense of direction has always been keen and I trust it.  But somehow I ended up in the southwest corner of a county that I wasn't supposed to be in!  Circling back, biting my lip, trying to enjoy the ride - ending up in terrible traffic, getting hopelessly lost in a detour and finally - driving over Storm King mountain.  And back.  Two hours later I found the little shop and made a few hasty and sweaty purchases.
Cuddly cotton by KFI.  Wash cloths.  
Aqua and seahorses - there's a theme emerging here.
When I got home I called my daughter to tell her about my harrowing trip.  She calmly reminded me that she had downloaded a GPS app on my Iphone.  Maps and directions in an instant.  I'm a technical idiot.


Suz said...

i've had days like this

good thing we raised good daughters

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! Sorry to hear of your difficult day. It is very disconcerting to get turned around, I know that feeling well. I'm not used to thinking in technical terms either. My niece was actually laughing at me the other day because she found out I had kept the huge phone book from my old home town in California. I thought, "You never know when you might need to look someone up". It never occurred to me that I didn't need a "phone book" anymore! That everything was on the internet. :) The yarn you got is beautiful, it looks cool and perfect for a summer project. I'm really enjoying working on my socks. You were so right they are addicting. I love using the dpns. I also love the fact that I can try more kinds of yarn out now and I am enjoying all the textures. I hope you have a restful evening and a wonderful day tomorrow. Delisa :)