Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a sorrowful day

We had to say good bye to Jack Russell this morning.  He was a good faithful dog and Scott's best friend for over 14 years.  
I just don't know how to sum up nearly a decade and a half of love and devotion.  He was Scott's dog.  There was never any question about that, not ever.  In the early years he went to work with his Master every day.  The truck was his home away from home.  Wherever Scott was, Jack wanted to be.
He wasn't much of a water dog, but he went swimming with Merrilee four summers ago and seemed to enjoy the lake.
He tolerated the addition of the Harley dog and they became friends.  As Jack's health began to deteriorate this spring, Harley became very gentle and tender with his old buddy.  Sometimes he even allowed Jack to go outside first!  But not too often.
He was a sprite - a vivacious and energetic force - a wiry little porcupine who slept in our bed every night of his life.  He knew that he was loved.  We buried him in front of the barn, under the mimosa tree where his grave is protected by the fairy roses.  His spirit permeates this place.  You'll never leave our hearts, Jackie Boy.
You enhanced our lives in ways that words cannot express.

You were one of a kind.
A legend - a companion, the mexican jumping bean.  Brave, determined and true.  Rest well until we meet again.


KimQuiltz said...

Aw, Jack. You look to have been a dog that knew heaven on earth when he saw it in his family. Happy hunting, napping, and yapping -- or whatever it is that you love to do best.

Exuberant Color said...

Now you have me crying, remembering the day our dog moved on to the great beyond.

Maria said...

Well, crud! Life is so much better with a dog that thinks you're wonderful. Give Harley a hug. I'll bet he's sad too.

JelliDonut said...

We should all know such love and devotion at least once in our lives. My deepest condolences. I will raise a glass to Jack tonight.

Feast on the Cheap said...

Oh, such a lovely tribute. I remember when we had to bury our beloved Westie, Mc Duff. A day doesn't go by...So sorry for your loss. Mary Anne xoxo

Anonymous said...

A Beautiful tribute to a well deserving little dog, a feisty terrier with a big heart...
"If there are no dogs in Heaven,
then when I die I want to go
where they went."

Will Rogers

sophanne said...

So sad sad sad for you. This was a beautiful tribute that had me leaking at the end and giving LizaJane an extra squeeze.

Suz said...

He'll be there when you cross over
so sorry for your loss and your grief
but it is love that you feel

farmlady said...

A beautiful Tribute.
These dogs we love are gone too soon. They bring us love and companionship and then they leave.
He is running free and healthy somewhere in the great beyond... a small shadow darting past you... reminding you that his spirit will always be with you and your family.

MeinSie said...

I am cat-sitting in Takoma Park for an old stray (former) named the Babe....she needed lots of petting and talked to me about it - later I watered the flowers for the Babe's mistress....might be tempted into cat ownership...gone on too may work-related trips for a puppy....sorry that Jack no longer brightens your day - I remember that he was the reason Harley the first lived with us - what a gift he was! Thanks, sent us a love not to be forgotten and you never knew it. Glad you had your own wonderful golden to be friends with.
Love, Becky.
OK. Love Tobias, too.

Delisa said...

I send my love and condolences to you and your family Jody during this difficult time. What a wonderful friend you had in your little Jack. You have given him such a loving tribute. I can tell by the look in his sweet eyes that he loved you all with everything in his heart. I remember hearing a scripture once that said: "God loves those who take care of the souls of their domestic animals." That has always been a comfort to me when I lose an animal friend. People such as you and your husband, who are good and kind and tender to their animals, are very precious and you bring light into the world. My thoughts and heart is with you.
With Love, Delisa

Paulina said...

No wonder I haven't been able to contact you. Dear heart. Please call me. You are obviously not alone. Why must life be so difficult? I am with you dearest.

Caroline said...

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful sounding dog.