Friday, July 15, 2011

discovering treasure

My BFF stumbled onto a treasure, which she immediately shared with me.  She's like that, generous to a fault.  On the outskirts of New Paltz there exists a magical place called White Barn Farm.  There is much to say about Paula and her farm, but you should probably just put down whatever you are doing and GO THERE yourself.  Right now.  Summarily.
This merino sock yarn by Bluestocking Yarns is dreamier in person, and so very soft - I found myself petting it.  Paula didn't seem to mind.  I love that she is featuring the work of local artists.
This skein was locally grown and hand dyed just down the road from White Barn.  It's a generous 200+ yards of muted  juicy wool from Full Moon Farm.  I'm thinking hat.
Paula also stocks commercial yarns-to-die-for.  This little gem jumped into my bag -
I had to leave so many of its brothers and sisters behind, but I'm reconsidering.  I might have to take another drive over to White Barn Farm and adopt some of the Jawoll siblings!  

I've been thinking about how important it is, and gratifying, to shop locally.  I want my neighbors to fall in love with the amazing resources found in our own backyards - to help sustain and bolster, to protect our riches.  To that end I am proudly displaying this sentiment on my vehicle - a first for me (I have always preferred the un-adorned bumper)
We can make a perceptible difference.  Paula's own cormo fiber will be available in a few months and I can hardly wait!  Luckily, I have projects to keep myself occupied with until then.
We haven't had any rain.  The hoses and I are reestablishing our abiding relationship-
And as always -
My efforts are rewarded!


Anonymous said...

Save me some squash!
What is the name of that farm that raises their beef kindly? I havent had a hamburger in 2 years!

Zoey said...

Oh, nice Allium! Yarn looks nice, too. I know what you mean about getting close with water hose. Same here! lol.