Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sunday morning porch knitting finds me at an impasse with these socks -
Let's lighten this up -
Much better!  I am such a novice when it comes to photography.  Anyway - this sock started its existence as Ann Budd's Diagonal Cross Rib Sock as seen below -
Her patterns just WORK for me!  I used a heavier yarn (Blue Moon Fiber Arts Heavyweight) than called for and shortened the length of the sock.  I want to add that this yarn is special, and if you are thinking about a dense, yet soft boot sock, you might want to check this fiber out.  The colors are incredible - it's really really REALLY hard to choose from the extensive selection.  (I plan to go back and get something [s] for leg warmers). 

 I found myself at a knitting impasse this morning - a kind of a dead zone - a no going back place while struggling with the need to move forward.  Thinking about other projects.  Getting up and leafing through other patterns.  Walking around and pawing through alternate yarn.  Have you ever been there?  Maybe a change of scenery would help.  Maybe I need to get out more!  Make new friends ...
Go places -
Perhaps a "to do" list would help me manage this deadlock.  So, next week I must;
(1)  get sewing shears sharpened
(2)  make pesto while basil is primo
(3)  unload stop by the office with excessive squash
(4)  work on secret test knitting 
(5)  get Harley to the groomer
(6)  take mom to Pegasus for new Birkenstocks
(7)  send H quilt to the machine quilter
(9)  work on sister's 60th birthday gift
A good start ... let's see if it helps to keep me in line!  


Zoey said...

That's an impressive list for the week. :)

My sister has knitted two pairs of socks for me. I love to wear them as slippers all winter. I wear them so much that after six months they have holes in the bottom. I always feel bad having to throw them away so soon, but she knows I appreciate and get a ton of use from each pair.

Your socks look more fancy and I can tell you love making them.

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, your socks are lovely! You do beautiful work and what a cool yarn bowl! I saw one like that not too long ago on Etsy.

I know what you mean, sometimes I get suddenly tired of working on a project that I love. I am not someone who likes to have too many projects going at once because it makes me feel overwhelmed. But, I found that if I have two projects going at any given time, it helps me when I have that unexpected, unexplainable "stuck" feeling.

I also like certain designers too. Right now, I am really enjoying Rita Weiss. I love her lace patterns and they always "work" for me as well. I have her "50 Knitted Lace Patterns" book. I been playing with my basic sock pattern that I found online and I have been adding lace panels across the top of the foot. They are really coming out neat. I hope you have a good week ahead Jody and a restful evening tonight. Happy knitting! Delisa :)