Sunday, April 17, 2011

this and that

Cashmere takes forever to dry!
This fiber made its debut months back, but in a different form.  It was slated for a Moth Wing shawl, but after careful consideration, I decided to frog it.  I needed something less intense - more forgiving.  And I had Ysolda's Damson, and it was good.  Very very good.  I LOVE this little shawlette.  
It is dreamy when knit in the mongolian cashmere!    I can hardly wait to see it perched on cousin Karen's shoulders.  There was a second skein -
Mom has been complaining about the spring dampness and I thought - cashmere, coiled about the neck .... what could be more comforting than that?  I went to Julie's blog, as well as her Ravelry page and found some inspiration for a garter stitch cowl.  It's going to fit the bill, hands down!  
I wish that you could touch this.  Knitting with cashmere has the propensity to spoil one forever.  I'm serious about this.  How do you return to fiber that has even the most subtle itch factor after spending time with mongolian cashmere?  I'm not sure.

Today was another really special Sunday.  Hilary and Carson and I went into New Paltz for lunch - delectible wraps, amazing smoothies, warm sunshine on our faces at the counter, dogs and children - everything that we love about this old hippy town brought together for a few moments.  Reasons to be grateful.

Carson had to go to work - you know, keeping those bad guys in line at the prison.  Hilary and I went shopping.  We were doing some serious damage  - we are really skilled at this.  JoAnn fabrics surprised the everloving spit out of me today!   I found, and acquired the loveliest cottons - dotted swiss and 100% seersucker cottons. 
It seems unreasonable to be so elated about synthetic-free cottons, and I offer no apologies.  These are the cottons of my childhood.  These are the fabrics (we called them 'materials') that we took for granted - the soft hand, the lovely drape, the STAPLES of our wardrobe ... ridden hard, laundered and thrown back into service - again, and again.
Envision over- sized shirts worn with capris - the perfect Nantucket uniform.
There was an acquisition - a bead event -
We have heard the Bead Siren call - and we will answer!


Paulina said...

Cashmere. Whether knitting with it or sewing with it... Is there no limit to ecstasy? I agree with you. Except when one gets to sew with a fabric that is a mix of cashmere and silk. OK, then just shoot me, I am fully prepared to die. I am sending you two patterns in the morning. I myself am thinking I am going to collect some linen to make some embroidered dresses for summer. Country dresses. Break the mold I have been in for the last two decades!! 20 years I have been wearing the same thing every day. When do we break out!!

lopa said...

Just gorgeous!!!! I can't believe it is finished already! That was what you were working on at the meetup, right? Wow!!!!

And beautiful cotton! Yes, I have never gotten away from calling it material.

For your entertainment - all my classes were cancelled at Stiches South. But I got some help anyway.

Suz said...

a treat for my eyes this morning
love that bead!

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, wow! Cashmere sounds so lovely. Your shawl is beautiful! I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel. I'm curious what size needles did you use? You are truly a gifted knitter. I hope you have a nice evening ahead and I enjoyed your post today very much! Delisa :)

Jody said...

Delisa - you MUST try out this shawl and treat yourself to the Jade Sapphire cashmere too. I used a size 5 circular on this piece and it turned out to be just perfect ... not too big, not too small! It's a great pattern for beginning lace. Caution ... cashmere IS addictive!

Zoey said...

hand knit gifts of cashmere -- wow, your recipients will love them! You are a very talented knitter.

I was also admiring that Easter quilt.

Bea said...

So this one is really lovely too. How long did all those beads take to attach to the quilt?

Anonymous said...

Blow me away with a feather, ye maker of gossamer cooverings for mermaids! No mermaid, am I, but this gift is fit for a glistening beauty with movements swift and undulant! Maybe I can pretend beneath its cover....I've never owned anything quite as beautiful and made with such skill and love. Blessings to the knitter and to our maker on Easter!!!