Thursday, April 7, 2011

a travelin' shawl

An American classic - born in the east and getting ready for her trip out west...
She's a beauty - freshly photographed after leaving the salon where quiet soaking and rinsing and patting into shape took place.
She took her sweet ole time drying - languishing on a puffy towel for four days.  ENOUGH, said I!  Let's get this show on the road!  Get in the box and get ready for flight!  Someone in Oregon needs your soft embrace.

I've made three Mara shawls.  The once detested garter stitch has become a staple, a go-to stitch.  When I knit in this form I feel closer to the Great One - Elizabeth Zimmerman, who knew a lot of everything knitty.  She understood the inherent beauty of this stitch - an under achiever with a proclivity toward greatness - misunderstood and too often overlooked.  You might want to revisit the garter stitch when creating your cotton wardrobe.  It can perk up those yolks which tend to sag.  And more.

Last Sunday my BFF and I attended our first "Meet Up" of the Twisted Stitchers group - a local knitting organization who get together monthly to, well - eat and knit!   Patty and I had decided that we needed to get out more, what with her working 24-7 and me hunkering down every night in solitude with my projects.  It was a lot of fun to have brunch with a small group of INTENSE knitters.  Hard core knitters.  The versatility is what draws me in.  The laughter and creativity coupled with unabashed JOY in knitting will keep me coming back.

I'm not going to name names.  But one of us knits chickens.  Adorable, irresistible chickens.
They were the talk of the brunch crowd - gathering admiration from the wait staff and knitters alike.  I wanted to grab them all up and make a dash for the door!
I mean, seriously.  Did you ever see cuter tail feathers?  Imagine a small flock of these intermingled with the Easter basket goodies?

Here is a peek at another piece which is so beautiful, but unfortunately marred by my amateur photographic 'skills'.  I want to procure another photo session with natural lighting because this piece is really special - really deserving of its 15 minutes of fame.  I'll leave you in suspense over it for now.

Life just keeps getting more and more challenging.  I've not been able to bring my blood pressure down on my own accord and medication is now required.  This is hateful, despicable stuff.  Depressing, and there's a medication for THAT and when the top of my head feels like it will certainly explode, there's a little pill for that one, too.  Hurry Spring.  I need to wander out into your majesty and busy myself with tasks that will bring forth beauty and perhaps better health.  This winter has been enormously difficult in more ways than I can count.

But look at this work. It indicates the presence of grace  -  does it not?  The Andean glaciers may be melting, but we have  - THIS.  The knitting is something that makes the journey bearable.  


JelliDonut said...

That last piece is spectacular, but THOSE CHICKENS! OMG. THOSE CHICKENS. I want the pattern so badly I would do terrible things to get it.

Love your Mara, too!

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, it must be wonderful to be able to be meet and play with such a creative group of friends! Those are the cutest knitted chickens I have ever seen. I love your shawl! It is just beautiful. I hope Spring blooms for you soon and that it will be a green, calming and restful one, filled with hyacinths, daffodils and all things bright and lovely. Delisa :)

Suz said...

twisted stitchers..hee hee
love it!
grace..yes, indeed
in the hands of women of joy

lopa said...


Thanks for the compliments on the 'Houndstooth From Hell'! Now how the heck am I supposed to use polyester as a lining??? If this was a ploy to get me to use silk, then it worked. I am blocking this monster as I type. I will be heading down to Atlanta on Wed and hopefully it will be dry by then so it can take up most of the room in my luggage. Kevlar's got nothing on this beast.

I love this awesome knitting group. You and your BFF are stupendous additions!!!!

lopa said...

And a few more things - I've been loving this blog. I started with 2009 and am halfway through 2010. It's been a very enjoyable, educational read. Love the knitting, love the quilts and love your garden photos! Wonderful! As I am a stalker for the most part - I'm so glad for sharers such as yourself.

Jody said...

Lorraine - you have to send me your email as I want to get together and photograph the Kevlar!!!! Thanks so much for your kind words. I too loved meeting up with you all and look forward to next time!