Monday, April 25, 2011

part 2

In which I press the wrong button and manage to delete all of our Easter celebration images.  The Nikon Gods were not smiling upon me yesterday.  Worse, I realize that my sister is a WAY better photographer than I can ever hope to be!
This is Clementine - my sister's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  I believe that she may be the most adorable little dog that I've ever knownHer disposition is so sweet that I want to take her home with me.  And speaking of my sister - she is blogging!  Hers is a gorgeous blend of gardens and antiques and books and travel...(not to mention those glorious photographs!)  Go on over -  Oh, just in case you're wondering - I'M the baby in the family.  ME ME ME, ME! Just sayin' ...

There was chatter about our upcoming trip in June.  Rumor has it that Scott might even be able to come along -

Wait just a minute!  Can it be?  There are 4 golf courses on the island - two private, two public.  One claims to be the oldest course in the country ... hmmm, we'll have to do some research.

This image is small and blurry, but unmistakably  a golf green!  So I ask you - can you think of a single reason that he should stay behind?  Neither can I.


JelliDonut said...

Oh no! So sorry about your photos! Your trip sounds fun--need anybody to carry your bags? I'm good at that...

Delisa said...

Sorry about your pictures Jody! I have done that before too. I am looking forward to looking at your sister's new blog site. Her little dog is adorable. I miss having a little dog to cuddle in my lap, although I wouldn't trade my giant, floppy Barkley for anything in the world. (Of course he doesn't know he isn't a little dog and still tries to get in my lap like he did when he was a pup!)

Then other times he seems to be very aware of his size and enjoys being able to throw his weight around, like when he sits on my feet so that I can't get up from my chair. I'm really trapped when he does this, then he looks over his shoulder and smiles his sweet, innocent, golden smile. I know he knows exactly what he is doing! And it always works too because I can't resist giving him more pets and love. It sounds like you have a wonderful trip coming up.

Have a lovely monday! Delisa :)

Zoey said...

LOL, finally being the baby pays off!

I just made a quick visit to your sister's blog. It looks like one I would enjoy, so I put it in my favorites so I can explore more later.

So sorry you lost your photos. That's a real bummer!