Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter, part 1

A new yarn, a new project.
Cecily MacDonald's 'Seaweed Cardigan' for mom.  Classic Elite 'Allegoro' in linen.  I like this cotton/linen blend for the warmer months.  Gentle waving lines make this a soothing knit, which is what I needed after Saturday's mishap - (CAUTION!  Following image is not for the weak of heart!!)
This is my reward for trying to separate Ms Bella from her obsession affiliation with the copy machine - Oh, don't even ask.    Every time the machine is turned on she appears and does unspeakable things to it.  I interrupted her foreplay and I won't make this mistake again. . . a prime example of why I prefer dogs to cats.  Look at this face -
This love-dove is not even capable of violent behavior.  Although, he does employ some pretty aggressive moves toward the squirrels.
We took the knitting outdoors this fine Easter morning and had a little walk-about.  The most exciting discovery was the appearance of the snow peas!
Now it's time to plant the second row to be certain that we have enough for ourselves and Mr. Peter Rabbit who has been sighted sniffing about.  I don't know when it happened exactly, but I gave up trying to keep the critters out of the vegetable garden.  A good steward plants enough for everyone.  (except the woodchuck, who is a true HOG)
I left these carrots in the herb garden thinking that they would be a tasty treat for some hungry burrowing creature, but apparently they were overlooked.  
It seems as though this is going to be a banner year for the european ginger.  I have a vision that involves the substitution of ginger for all ground cover here at Cloudwalk.  It's so beautiful and juicy - those glossy leaves remain perky throughout the dog days of August.  (I hope "Myrtle" didn't hear me say that!)
One more, or maybe two images of my cherished early risers -
Helleborus - only slightly upstaged by the diminutive GLORIOUS fritillaria - (I adore this plant)
I'll see you later - have a blessed Easter Day!


JelliDonut said...

Ouch! Take care of that hand! Thanks for not revealing too many details... and thanks for all the lovely garden photos. I love gardening vicariously through my blogger friends. Happy Easter to you too.

Exuberant Color said...

I had never heard of Fritillaria and had to look it up. It says it needs hot sunshine so maybe that is why I've never run across it. I have mostly shade gardens.

Take care of your hand, we need to see more of your knitting.

Delisa said...

Your garden is doing wonderfully Jody, I love the last two flower pictures. I have never seen anything like it before. Almost like a tulip in shape, but what an interesting pattern on the petals! Very exotic.

I am sorry you got such a deep swipe from your Kitty. I admire cats and their sleek beauty and grace, but there is nothing like a big old floppy dog for some unconditional love. :) Your cardigan is going to be so pretty, I love the sea foam color. I have never knit with cotton linen before, I bet the added linen will make the texture of the sweater very soft yet durable.

I hope you continue to have a bright and happy day. I am looking forward to starting the border of my crochet shawl. A few months ago my husband surprised me by setting up a comfy recliner chair for me in the corner of his workshop. One of our favorite things to do on sunday afternoon, is to work out there together on our projects and listen to some good 70's classic rock music. We sing along as we putter. I look forward to it all week long. Happy knitting! Delisa :)
P.S. Have you seen Katherine's new donkey's over at Apifera? They are so beautiful, I can't wait till she gets Mathilda.