Friday, April 22, 2011

maundy thursday or the washing of the feet

Just so that you know, straight up, there was no washing of the feet going on around here today.  In the old days, when I was married to an Episcopal priest, there was much Last Supper feasting and foot washing to add to the litany of Holy Week events.  In those days, this was a week spent entirely in and about the church.  I do miss the high holy days.  And I sometimes miss my ex-husband too.  But that's a post for another day.

I DID do some washing- and please, please do not chalk this post up to irreverence or arrogance.  I am a person of faith- Holy Week is SIGNIFICANT.  I just want to keep this light - and fiber-y.
So here's today's washing-
My sister's shawl - the beautiful Hand Maiden Seasilk.
She's gorgeous and I can hardly wait to give her away.  The Damson shawl was moved and will be ready for gifting this weekend as well - I am so thrilled with the way it turned out - that little edge - just enough.
My knitting has given me much satisfaction these last few weeks.  So, I was really pumped up to receive my latest WEBS order - Cricket, by Classic Elite yarns.
Touted as a perfect summer knit - a combo of linen and cotton - a lovely seaside shade -
But there is a HUGE problem for me with this pattern.  It makes no sense.  There is no natural flow.  It's awkward and fiddle-y and NO FUN!  Knitting must be enjoyable - if not - OFF WITH ITS HEAD - OFF OF THE NEEDLES!  Seriously.  Life is short - knitting should be enormously satisfying.  I don't think that this is too much to ask.

My Blue Moon sock is growing, ever so slowly, but pretty, pretty - it takes the sting out of the unfortunate Faith pattern.  (I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has made the Faith shawl and enjoyed it!) 


Suz said...

oh so sad that I can't comment on your kniting angst....I don't do needles
But writing is the same
there are things that I work on
that are pure hard work
no fun at all
but the end result is not bad
is that good enough?
..can't answer that for anyone else
What I can say is that I learned something
in the doing
if only that I never want to do it again
I am Lutheran of the conservative kind
we never washed feet
but I sure would have liked that
I love these days of reflection and rememberance
Here's to remembering

JelliDonut said...

You are surely gathering good knitting karma by giving away such beautiful treasures. And I agree--if it's not fun, why knit it?

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, I love the shawl you made for your sister! May I ask where you got your blocking board? I need to get one myself and have never seen them for sale in the stores in my area. I am out in the country and we only have one actual, honest to goodness knitting store in a 100 mile radius. Is there a certain brand or material you would recommend? Right now, I mostly do steam blocking, but I know it is not the best option for some fibers, I would like to try.

You sure have been accomplishing some beautiful work! You mentioned you are having some trouble with your new pattern and that it doesn't flow. I just came across a pattern book you might enjoy. It is called 50 Lace Patterns by Rita Weiss. These patterns have been really working for me. They have a rhythm to them and I find myself picking them easier than others I have worked with. Knitting lace is my favorite, but I still have a lot to learn.

I decided that after I get my crochet shawl that I am working on now finished I am going to take the whole month of May and work on learning some new techniques and make practice swatches. I also want to finally sit down and learn how to do socks! I sure appreciate the link you sent me the other day. Your blog is such an inspiration to me. I hope you have a nice afternoon Jody, and happy knitting! Delisa :)

Jody said...

Hi Delisa - thanks so much for your kind comments! I can recommend the blocking mats - they come from the KnitPicks catalogue and are wonderful! They come 9 to a set and you can always order more if needed. KnitPicks is a great company too - you'll enjoy their offerings - good delivery, great prices.
I'll look into the Weiss book. It seems silly not to design our own, doesn't it?
HAPPY KNITTING and a blessed Easter to you!

Bea said...

The shawl is really lovely.