Sunday, January 30, 2011

a weekend away

We slipped off after work on Friday night - driving straight to Albany where we met Scott's oldest daughter and her boyfriend.  We had sushi.  There are no images available at this time to illuminate the magnificence of the meal and how it was devoured enjoyed.  We then drove to Saratoga Springs, home to legendary horse racing.  
 Clearly, this is better than being at home!  Room service!
There is something so enchanting about being under cover at the pool while the snow gently falls outside of the windows.
I spent a lot of time luxuriating under the covers of the huge king-sized bed - coming up for knitting and coffee.  This is Anne Hanson's Cradle Me in my BMFA Woobu.  A perfect yarn, a perfect design to take away for the weekend.  Of course, there was the obligatory dress up and race to the lobby in time to see -
The loveliest winter bride in her ermine cape being whisked off into the evening -
Vows were exchanged at the Hall of Springs and a reception followed in this gorgeous landmark building.  We had an exceptionally good time. . .Scott with his cousin Albert - a lot of laughter follows these two characters around!
Unfortunately, my new camera and I were at odds.  I struggled all evening with the shutter speed and because I am such a novice, most of my photos were oddly blurred - as if the entire evening was running in place.  I've learned my lesson . . . STUDY the manual!  dammit.  Oh - did you want another look at my 'Cradle Me'?  I thought so.

The Woolbu yarn is from the 'Spirit' colorway - and it is quietly saturated in the most astonishing way.  I cannot describe the fragile beauty of the color effectively - you'll  have to get some of your own.   


JelliDonut said...

My two favorite words--room service!

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

I'm going to Saratoga in May for an Earth Angels folks art show. It's such a lovely town. There's a woman's store right on the main drag where I have often found some great buys.

Zoey said...

It sounds like a perfect way to spend a cold winter weekend! I am so glad you had a nice time.