Friday, January 21, 2011

sick day

For reasons that I cannot post, the night became day without a single moment of shut eye.  That's right, I pulled an all-nighter.  So, after I called in sick and took care of animal breakfasts, it was time to spend coveted quiet time in the sewing room.  There was discontent among the four-legged crew -
You see, Momma-staying-home = walks, treats and play!  (that comes from THEM, not me!)
And they ALL get in the act!  That act being - let us see how guilty we can make her feel with our large liquid follow-her-around-the-room eyes!  Oh pleaseohpleaseohplease!
But it didn't work - their ploy fell short because earlier in the day something came from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, something much anticipated!  Everyone else took a back seat to this delicious parcel -
It's WOOBU.  It's the spirit shade 'Lauma' and I am in the midst of some serious infatuation.  Sometimes a particular color will move me to the point of obsession.  It can take months or even years to work through all of the projects that I envision creating in these shades.  Take orange.  I'm JUST coming off a 9 year obsession with the color orange.  And it seems that it has been replaced with ballet slipper pink.  Take a peek at this tiny room - 
Ten years ago, when we came to 'Cloudwalk' we thought that Scott's daughters would spend many sleepovers in this house.  So we invited his youngest, Brenna, to pick out her favorite shade with which we would paint this room - HER room.  It is the most garish brilliant shade of yellow that you could ever imagine.  Even after ten years, one needs sunglasses to enter that space!  Why am I showing you this room?  Because the next time that you see it - it will have had a makeover.  In the palest pink.  In a shade that my cousin discovered called 'Ethereal Pink'.  LOVE. IT.  I love and miss my cousin, too.  She lives upstate and fosters many animals, horses and dogs and really anything that someone has neglected and/or discarded.  She has a magnificent heart and many responsibilities so I have not seen her in some time - she just cannot walk away from all of her creatures who depend upon her so entirely.  I think of you Lor, more than you can know.  You walk through so many days with me, in spirit.  I keep close, always.  xoxox


Quiltnbee said...

Gee, I hope you feel better! Love that pink yarn, it's so yummy =-) My bedroom in the NY house is the palest pink I ever saw, almost white, but definitely pink...I love it. Your cousin sounds like a most special person.

Jane/WTKnits said...

The eyes say it all. You were brave to resist. Enjoy your pink phase. It's a delicious colour.

Zoey said...

I hope you are better today. I don't know how you could possibly concentrate on anything after an all nighter!

Can't wait to see the pink room. I'm still in love with orange...really like pink and orange together, too!

KimQuiltz said...

My dog Buddy comes into the bedroom to see what kind of pants I'm putting on when I get dressed. I have certain pants for certain activities, he has determined. He is sad if I put on jeans because that means I'm not staying home for long. And if I put on dress pants he is VERY sad because that probably means I'll be gone all day. Sweat pants and pajama pants make him very very happy.

I hope you feel better soon!

Bea said...

Can't wait to see the refinished room. I love yellow and pink so it would make me happy to see either color.