Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The vegetable garden is winding down.  There are eggplants to harvest and leeks and tomatillos.  
The pumpkins are fleshing out while the Mexican sunflowers raise the bar -
I brought in a bowl of fresh goodness and inhaled deeply.  I know that the season is coming to an end, and I'm not ready to say goodbye.  How could autumn be in the cards when I'm STILL picking -
And I won't subject you to yet ANOTHER image of cherry tomatoes!  Do you want to see what is happening in the brussel sprout patch?  Even if your palate is not enamored - you have to admit that there is a structural beauty to this particular vegetable's growth pattern.  
I promised myself that I would begin putting the gardens to bed this week.  Two things occurred - (1) the return of the 90 degree weather, and (2) the septic system went postal.  No water, no toliet, no happiness!  When I woke this morning Scott was already digging a hole and the plumber was in the driveway.  No pictures were allowed, but I can tell you that there was very little good cheer.  We put a new system in less than three years ago, so this 'setback' was not expected.  

On the fiber front, I finished sewing buttons on my featherweight linen top.  One might suggest that this choice was erroneous - not so, it was intentional.  I love the look of the iridescent green shell, it reminds me of dragonflies darting across a pond.
Sewing should be fun and I want my garments to reflect my sensibility instead of the endless theme seen throughout the Mall storefronts.  I'll never be considered a fashionista, and that's ok with me.  (I will confess to a love affair with ANYTHING Eileen Fisher - her clothing is timeless, but, unfortunately, not within my budget!)  I've made a white linen tank to wear under this shirt and a natural linen gored skirt.  NEED. NEW. CLOTHES.

The hydrangeas are turning rosy which always tells me that autumn is advancing.  The crickets are chirping mid morning now and I hold onto each day like a precious jewel, tightly, reluctantly releasing at dusk.  


Exuberant Color said...

i had no idea what a brussel sprout plant looked like. It's a piece of art!

Summer's not over here yet either. 90's today.

SusanB-knits said...

I have never seen a brussel sprout plant. I eat them but didn't know how they are grown. Looks like you had a nice garden this year. Lovely zucchini. We had a bit of cool weather and now ours is back in the high 90s. I thought fall was coming but it may be a few more weeks (gives us time to finish up a few fall knitting items).

JelliDonut said...

Septic problems--bummer!

That linen top is fantastic and reminds me of Eileen Fisher stuff, which I too love. We are lucky enough to have one of her stores here in Denver. I love it when they have a sale. Otherwise, you're right--it is terribly pricey.

Bea said...

Your garden always makes me happy!