Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Don't make the mistake of assuming that all is well in the pumpkin patch.  If left to their own devices, my flirtatious climbers will be up to no good - and it happens, as we say, 'in a New York minute'.  That's speedy.
This vine has deposited a pumpkin in the middle of the korean boxwood.  And now, it is on its way across the lawn, seeking out - what IS it seeking?  The company of other pumpkins?  
If I left it alone and convinced Scott to mow around it, do you suppose that it would find its way out to the vegetable garden?  There's an awful lot of sexy stuff going on out there, what - with the birds and the bees and the co-mingling vines.  Take a look at these brussell sprouts - there's nothing remotely sprout-y about them now!
oops - these are cauliflowers plants, sprouts in the background.  Abundant!  We've been getting some good rain, steady and generous.  Everything seems refreshed, except for this huge sunflower who cannot raise its heavy head.
You can see that the garden birds are enjoying the spoils.  I have been knitting!  It feels to me as if this will be a grey and pink season.  I am tired of my signature browns and earth tones.
I've rediscovered Carol Sunday - she is one of my favorite designers and I'd tucked this little gem away when the weather got sticky.  You really must go and see her site - beautifully classic designs with contemporary shaping and the yarn - ooohh-la-la!  And the presentation - just extraordinary!  
Merino and cashmere deliciousness. . . packaged in the nicest little sack!
Leaving you with a juicy hosta bloom - 


JelliDonut said...

I am always amazed at the tenacity of pumpkin and squash. Thanks for the link to Carol Sunday. You're right--it's gorgeous stuff!

kate said...

You have the greenest thumb I have ever seen after my mother and my sister! Is there anything you can't or don't grow?? Me, I can't grow anything - my garden portion as a child contained two things I couldn't kill summer after summer - corn and pansies. That's it, that's all! LOL!

Paulina said...

Oh to have the money to buy yarns. When i see the yarns you find I realize how limited my selections are. Yes, I have bamboos and silks and linens and soys. Lordy, I wish we were knitting together. I am designing myself a whole line of socks for this winter. I have given away every pair I have ever made. Now it is my turn. I love that beautiful blue-gray in the picture. ti dream~~~

Bea said...

I so wish that we could grow pumpkins here. I miss seeing them growing.