Sunday, October 21, 2012

i had a birthday

Lucky to be an October Child - I am always grateful for the autumn that graces my special day.  Mine falls on peak weekend in upstate New York, which is akin to icing on the cake of any birthday - fiery potent spectacular October!  One has to remind oneself to exhale!
The blueberry bushes are aflame!  And they have serious competition from the sugar maples -
Last week's rains brought down much of the color, but here are a few images for you, Hilary - I know that you do miss this time of the year in New York when the Florida beaches give up oceanic hues, but no oranges, golds, crimsons ...
The colors seem more subtle this season.  Oh, wait - I misspoke!
Back at the house I celebrated the end-of-a-decade kind of birthday.  It was lovely.  Mom came for the weekend, gifts in her arms (thank you sister for the wondrous scarf and much anticipated book!).  We indulged in a morning at the Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa and I don't even have words for the ways in which those good people pamper their guests!  If you can, book a getaway to the Spa, pronto!
Later, my son came by with this glorious bouquet for his mom.
Roses, hydrangea, agapanthus, sweet william, anemones .... (swoon)

Did I mention ORCHIDS!!!!  It is divine - so much so that I divided it into two bouquets.  Thank you Andrew, I absolutely love this arrangement!  I love you too.
I just wish that you wouldn't object so strongly to having your photo taken!
A perfect weekend, well, almost.
We missed you Bean.  We always do


Suz said...

Oh what a lovely birthday!
Happy Birthday!
my kids do that too to the camera...what's with that?
cute fella....
and yes October is a glorious month to be born in.....

SusanB-knits said...

Happy Birthday!
Looks like it was a great day!