Thursday, October 25, 2012


It was hard to part with the three skeins of handspun that Patty had given to me.
It went home with Mom and will be donated to her knitting group's favorite benefit.  She loves it and I am wondering if it will actually make it to the sales table!
Things are really quiet around here.
Harley's play date went home and he has been sulky.  Cats are no fun to devil - they have that unfair advantage of perching - usually high up and out of reach.  I sometimes wonder what these creatures do all day long while I am at work and the house is silent.


Suz said...

ah what does go on while we are away?

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! Harley is such a little love. Barkley and he would make such good playmates! It would be so cute to watch them romping around together. I was just watching the weather report tonight and I sure hope that this Hurricane Sandy will bypass your area. It sounds like a tremendous storm. I have been enjoying setting up my new studio area. I am going to have a lot more space to spread out. It also has two alcove windows that look out over our pond. I also went to our county fair last week. I entered several of my projects in the Arts and Craft Exhibit and ate enough funnel cake to last a lifetime! :) I won 8 blue ribbons and 1 second place. It sure was fun. Have a lovely sunday evening Jody! With Love, Delisa ;)