Monday, October 29, 2012


What to do in preparation for a monster storm?  Empty the freezer!
Chicken and dumplings may soothe those without power ...
Crab cakes readied for frying (I am lucky to have propane which means that I can cook, even if I have to do it by candlelight!)
Egg salad - hard boiled and/or devilled eggs ....
Apple sauce, apple crisp - and when I weary of the kitchen -
It's back to the sewing room where baskets are coming together nicely.  
After we finished cleaning up the yard and putting all of the outdoor furniture away, I was happy to come indoors to sew for a few hours.  The wind is picking up and I'll be shutting this computer down soon.
For everyone touched by this storm - be cautious!  Take care and stay away from trees and power lines.  For my special guys Andrew and Carson - you'll be in my thoughts - be safe, Godspeed.


Steve Finnell said...

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Suz said...

that chicken and dumplings might just be worth suffering through a storm!
good luck and Ill be thinking of you.....stay safe

Zoey said...

Mmmmm, Chicken and dumplings! I was just talking about that at work today. I think it's time I make some.

happy zombie said...

How you got through the storm well! Love your bags in the making! They look like Ayumi bags - something I have a serious addiction too!