Sunday, December 11, 2011

time to finish

Have been working along steadily, attempting to finish all Christmas projects.  
Mittens waiting for their thumbs -
Mittens waiting for their mates -
Socks waiting to dry -
Another pair of mitts, waiting to meet one another!
A chocolate Wishbones - with scarf and mitts to follow.  I'd like to create something that would make your hearts quicken!  Something that would send you to your stash, to your needles - your heads bent over your work, nodding, smiling, unable to pull yourselves away.  It's coming!


Delisa said...

Hi Jody, wow! You have some great projects going. I especially love those gray socks and the last set of mitts you have on the thin bamboo needles. That is a beautiful pattern. The hat is wonderful too. Those are all going to be some great presents! Delisa :)

Pooch said...

Look at those beautiful gifts! You have keep your needles clicking! There are some lucky recipients on your list. Very pretty work.