Monday, December 5, 2011

knitting memories

when I spent my time color stranding ... many years ago -
Large projects were tackled enthusiastically.  Time restraints simply did not exist - the seductive nature of color knitting, of stranding to create designs, was captivating, mesmerizing.  Everything, complete, nothing more needed than just this - to sit with the fiber, to pull the colors, to feel the fabric gain and grow beneath my needles.
Where did all of that courage and discipline disappear to?  Today I am profoundly uncertain.   I sit with a growing mountain of designs, of charts, of ideas jotted quickly upon note paper.  Instead of granting my authentic dreams the space in which to grow - I tackle yet another project designed by a stranger - something quick and tested to be gratifying.  The small voice within clamors to be heard - I am listening, I am listening.  Perhaps this will be the year - the one in which I emerge with confidence - my dreams alive, in fiber.

I told Scott that I was leaving, that I could no longer live in a house that was crumbling.  (I do tend to lean toward the dramatic).  I want to see my hardwood floors again, I told him.  They've been covered under some kind of board for too many years - protected from plaster wall excavation, long over.  God bless that man, he heard my heart.  (he likes my cooking too well!)
It's the age old story of the Shoemaker whose children go barefoot.  Scott possesses a gift that is so unique and special.  He can build the house of your dreams.  He will get it right - down to the last detail.  His houses are magnificent, resplendent, and he has built for the ordinary guy as well as for super stars.  But when it comes to Home Sweet Home, he resists - there is a total lack of motivation.  Lately I think that we are beginning to  make some kind of progress.  I hope so.  This hallway speaks to me.  It tells me that COLOR is needed.  Any ideas?
Baby steps.


farmlady said...

The entrance needs warmth, like the beautiful floors.
Are you leaving the stair case black? If so a taupe would be nice with off white trim.
For real warmth try the entrance wall in red.
Just an idea...

Zoey said...

Oh, to have a beautiful foyer like that! I am eager to see how you decide to decorate it.

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! Oh, I know what you mean. Tony and I have remodeled three houses over the years and we are so done! Our Georgia home was thankfully all set for us to move into but now after six years we need to do some painting and get new carpet. Just getting the motivation to start the project is so hard. Since I injured my back a couple of years ago I can't really do much to help and it is a little frustrating. Our goal is to start in January.

I agree with FarmLady, I think a warm color would be beautiful in the entryway, but perhaps a lighter shade such as butter cream yellow, with some blue and creamy-white porcelain accent pieces or persian rug? I love dark saphire blue with butter cream yellow! The carved wooden staircase is so pretty, it is a lovely entryway.

I think you would be a wonderful pattern designer Jody! You are one of the most talented knitters I have ever seen. I think one of the things that make me enjoy your work is how versatile you are, you seem to have tried your hand at just about everything! It is really inspiring.

So if you start to get discouraged that you haven't reached all of you designing goals, just remembered how you have wisely used the time to hone your craft! You really know what you are doing and you will be able to apply that knowledge.

I don't know how many knitting or crocheting books I pick up only to quickly set them down again because they are all just the same patterns remade in a different fiber. Or the book is being driven strictly by the personality of the designer, or the new "cool", "hip" trend. But when you see a pattern by someone who really cares about the knitting, wow! It stands out. Your work has that special feeling about it!

I hope you have a lovely and restful evening ahead! Delisa :)

Paulina said...

Remember when we lived in the castle and I worked on finishing your projects. You had so many and they were all so fascinating. At that time was when I first came across a particular Rowan yarn and I bought quite a bit of it and they then discontinued it. Somewhere in storage is a bin of it. I can't wait to get it out and knit it up. And one day I will be also finishing your projects again too. Or just send them to me.....