Thursday, June 23, 2011

pickin' peas

The sugar snap pea season is hauntingly brief in these parts.  Neglect to plant by St Patrick's Day and you'll regret this indiscretion all summer.  There is nothing to compare to the taste of a pea, sweet,tender and amazing - right off the vine!
We'll be feasting on these tonight with our grilled and marinated flank steak.  We still allow ourselves beef - once a month, maybe twice.
The most wonderful book arrived today - this is a Keeper -
Two chapters in and I'm HOOKED.  This, coming from a knitter who is trying to ween herself off of Amazon.  I am stoic for days at a time.  But I always crumble!
I brought hydrangeas into work this morning and saved some for the kitchen table -
The winter was hard on my Endless Summer shrubs.  The blooms are vibrant, but small.
My all-time favorites.
This blog seems to have been limping along throughout the early spring.  Truly, it's been a difficult time, punched through and through with one emotional roller coaster after another.   Summer has officially arrived and with it, renewed energy and hopefulness.  Thank you for hanging in there.  I mean it.
 Fruit Salad socks completed and ready for soaking - Onward and Upward!


Jane said...

What stunning blooms and fresh peas from the garden are always the best! Happy summer and here's to brighter days ahead!

SusanB-knits said...

mmmm... peas! I didn't think to plant any peas for my first garden. I bet they are good.
I love the colors in your socks!

Zoey said...

It's been a long time since I have had a tender, luscious pea right off the vine...YUM!

I could never plant here on St. Paddy's Day...the ground is totally frozen then. :) doesn't matter since I have no place to plant veggies anyway. I do wish I did!