Friday, June 10, 2011

cooling off

We've been suffering.  The temps have hit and stayed in the high 90's this week, that is, until last night.  Around 5:00pm the house grew spooky dark, as if a heavy sheet had been thrown over its head! In the next moment the kitchen door sprang open with a crash! (which scared the living beJesus out of myself and the canines!)  Two seconds later the big party commenced - howling winds, swaying trees, the sound of wood splitting, the terrible hammering on the roof. 
Here we go again.  The early morning fog cleared enough to reveal our damage - the entire top of the maple stand is now lying on my herb garden.
Harley seemed mystified ... hmmm, where did THAT come from?  The front of the house is wearing huge conifer branches on its roof, but somehow,(miraculously) we never lost our power.  This early summer storm cleared away the weeks' heat and humidity.  The sound of chain saws will destroy our weekend peace.
I finished the Blue Moon Monkey socks - they need a good soaking bath.  Cookie is a brilliant sock designer and I understand that she has a new book published ... I wonder if I can get it through Amazon (a true addiction).
I know.  It's juicy, yes?  Knitting Notions - a first for this knitter, another Anne Hanson referral. She has never once steered me in the wrong direction and this is no exception -  I am going to adore knitting this merino sport as much as I already love its name - 'Fruit Bowl'!  One more glimpse?  Ok, ok ...
There's a new project in the works - one of my high school pals is about to become a grandmother.  Y'all know what THAT means!  I'll have something delicious to show you tomorrow.  IT'S PIZZA FRIDAY!  Around our house this means delivery=knitting time!!  YAY.


JelliDonut said...

OMG! So glad nobody was hurt. That storm sounds horrendous. That yarn looks good enough to eat. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

I have Cookie's new book, btw. Are you jealous? Don't be--I have no time to knit anything from it!

Suz said...

sucks.....that poor old tree
and your
too nutty weather we are all having
but you have to love harley's observant stance
love the yarn

SusanB-knits said...

oh no! your poor herbs! but I am glad no one was hurt.
I have both of Cookie A's books. They are great! So far I haven't had a chance to knit any out of the new book. (unless you count Monkey socks, lol. Yep, they are in there)

Zoey said...

I am so glad you escaped unhurt. We had the same big storm and many of my friends have huge trees that were blown down in their yards. I, too, escaped with just a few branches on the ground...nothing serious.

Today it's COLD - 48 degrees!

that is some interesting yarn. I will be waiting to see what you make with it.