Saturday, June 11, 2011

peas and carrots

'Me and Bubba is like peas and carrots' - do you recognize this line?  It's from Forrest Gump, one of my all-time favorite films.  I like to think that me and my knitting are like that, peas and carrots.  
I've been knitting like a maniac, completely avoiding the garden.  The russian kale awaits, the purple cabbages.  If the peppers don't get established this weekend, well, who knows?  I've lost my garden mojo.  I wish to reclaim it, but have no idea where it went.
A small sleeve - the beginning of an Inky Dinky cardigan - so hard to put this kind of magic away.  I can hear the tractor puttering around outside the window.  Scott is still cleaning up branches and debris from this -
I fear that we will have to take some of the ancient trees down before the next storm catapults them through the roof.  I worry about this stuff.  I worry about my animals being alone in the house during a severe storm and having a tree impale the roof - injuring and/or freeing my street-unwise beasts!  Scott says that I worry too much.  Look at this face and tell me what you think -
How could I ever forgive myself if anything happened to this guy?  I adore him.  I love him so much that I don't even flinch when he runs through my hosta bed.
Now THAT'S true love!


JelliDonut said...

I know exactly what you mean. When a storm is headed our way, I get home as fast as I can. Our precious Sophie has grown fearful of storms since our cat Katie died. I just can't stand the thought of our dog home alone and afraid. Yes, when a dog has a face like that, they can get away with anything!

Delisa said...

I think about those things too Jody. I even made up an emergency storm kit for Barkley. It is a Scooby-Doo back pack with all his papers, tranquilizer medication for him in case of a trauma with the storm, and his special ear medicine, I have a little dog emergency kit, a drinking bowl, his brush, treats, a chew bone and a stuffed animal, his sweater and soft fold up blanket. We also keep a bag with about one weeks worth of his food. and make sure we pack the truck with enough water for everyone. We have not had to evacuate yet, but we have got things ready if another hurricane should come this way. Tornados are a different matter, there is not much time to flee or run.

I love my dog too so much too, the love and loyalty on his dear, dear, sweet face is worth any extra effort it takes to make sure he is safe and cared for. Delisa :)

KimQuiltz said...

I have four babies (er, grown children) and my dogs are my babies too! Now, if only I could teach one of them how to dial the phone or open the door in case of fire or emergency ... :P

Morna said...

Jody, I love your banner photo - just perfect! And yes, your gorgeous golden dog looks like a true lover boy!