Sunday, April 4, 2010


Saturday - all day in the sewing room.  Brief excursions outdoors for canine exercise and well being.  I am working on Completion.  I want to empty this room of its projects, real or imagined.  This piece has been languishing for TOO LONG!  I won't tell you how many years ago it was created - I suspect that it was my first foray into paper piecing - a string quilt, inspired by the amazing Gwen Marston.  My goal is to finish the borders and get it batted and backed and into a hoop ASAP, nothing fancy, just instant gratification.  I NEED a project that I can hand-quilt.  I MISS hand-quilting.  I want to sit on my front porch with this quilt and just stitch away.  I want to listen to the spring peepers and the sounds of my neighbors finishing their dishes and the quick whirling wings of the sparrows who have muscled their way into the eaves again.  Quiet.  Peaceful.
I love to see all of these old cottons.  Each one evokes a special memory - transporting me back in time.  Today's fabrics just do not hold this kind of nostalgia, this appeal, for me.  It may be that there are SO MANY fabric lines to choose from - a person can get confused.  Narrowing down one's choices becomes irritating and hard on the wallet as I usually give in and buy everything!  In the old days, we were happy if we found more than a dozen patterns in one color way.  Remember?

Saturday was a special kind of day  -  I blew off all invitations and hunkered down in my PJ's and never got fully dressed.  I spent the better part of an hour brushing Harley outdoors and throwing his favorite squirrel frisbee, and then there was piecing and knitting and cooking.  Hilary and Carson came over to share in some black beans and rice and a gorgeous walnut/cranberry salad.  We are learning to eat healthier as a result of Hilary's gluten issues and Carson's lactose intolerance.  It's all good.  I miss Scott.  He called from the island and it seems as if he misses all of us too.  Did I tell you that the Cay that he goes to was where 'Thunderball' was filmed?  You have to be kind of firmly lodged in middle age to remember the 007 series.  Hilary had a blank expression when I mentioned this piece of trivia.  When did I get so old?  I thought that EVERYONE knew who James Bond was!!!!

Today, Easter Sunday, is an important high holy day - the Day of the Resurrection.  Hilary and I took the grandmother's to lunch at an area eatery - The Bonefish Grill.  It seemed like the right thing to do.  WONDERFUL choice, Hill!  Actually, we only provided the transportation - they paid for the meal!  It was nice.  Afterward, mom and I went to the nursing facility - not so nice.  Growing old isn't what it used to be.  People just don't lie down in their rose beds when things wear out - instead, they go to facilities that keep a failing body alive long after its time.  

I came home to find that my good helper, Marcos, was still hard at work.  He comes sometimes, on the weekends, and helps out around here.  He likes it when Scott isn't dispensing the work orders - I'm a softy and I assign 'girlie' jobs and the day passes in a pleasant way.  I've sighted bluebirds in my neighbor Andy's yard - across the stonewall from me.  Bluebirds, people.  I want them.  I need for them to nest in MY yard.

 Now, Andy is an amazing neighbor - the best ever.  He's a classically trained retired musician and he pipes the loveliest music out into the yard when he gardens, which is continual.  (The fact that he is a gardener makes him just about perfect in my view).  His people farmed this land for many years and he is a font of information when it comes to the vegetables.  I have the highest regard for him.  But.  I. WANT. THOSE. BLUEBIRDS.
That's right - I pulled out the big guns - I had Marcos installing my houses where they could be clearly seen.
I take my bird population seriously.  Happy, blessed Easter to you all.


Bea said...

You sound like you had the type of weekend I was planning to have. A lot went wrong with that.

I know who 007 is. I didn't know what "Thunderball" was though. It helps that there are still movies being made though.

Hope you get your bluebirds!

Zoey said...

I would love to have bluebirds nesting in my yard -- I have not even seen one for a couple of years. I hope they take a liking to your new accommodations!

I know what you mean about hand quilting--I find it much more relaxing than machine quilting.