Monday, April 12, 2010


Sometimes you notice that your best friend isn't feeling very happy.  There are all kinds of signs - subtle and not so subtle.  It could be the way that he holds his head on his paws.  It could be the absence of a tail wag when you speak to him. You might notice that he isn't lying beside the sofa when you are watching 'House' reruns.  He isn't waiting for the dregs of your Greek yoghurt container or the last bits of broccoli in the steamer.  Mostly, it's in his expression - those liquid caramel eyes, that tell you - something is NOT RIGHT.
So I called (texted) my son and said - your dog misses you.  And he came over, because he's the best son in the entire world.  On almost any given day!  I have to add this - Harley will not jump into the back seat of my CRV.  Seriously.  I have to lift his substantial girth  - he places his front paws on the seat and the rest is up to me.  But when His Boy came over (actually, His Man) he hopped to it!  His was instant JOY.  How he loves Andrew...
He'll jump any obstacle to be close to the One That He Loves.
Look at that face.  Happiness.  These two belong together, but Andrew has to work nights as a firefighter.  It's not right to leave that golden dog alone for so many hours on end.  So, we do the best that we can.  And maybe one day, before you know it, Andrew's situation will change.  From my mouth, to God's ears.

I've got something going - it's really pretty.  More on this, tomorrow!


Bea said...

Awesome doggy pictures. Harley is a good looking dude. Abby will jump herself in the car seat (usually Gus' seat so I have to get her back out again before she can get in her seat.) Gus needs a boost though. Not that I blame him. Cars are tall and Gus is short.

MeinSie said...

beautiful photos, top to bottom - nice.