Friday, August 24, 2012

My mother came for a visit and the little bouquet that I gathered for her room is just about spent.
It's so nice to have her here - cookies appear!  No one makes tollhouse like mom.
We had lunches out, discovering not one, but two authentic Mexican restaurants.  The days shifted and slowed down, affording us plenty of time to read and knit on the front porch.  When it was time for her to leave, I was so sorry to see her go.  The house seemed too still, much too empty after she'd gone.  But not for long -
Dog-sitting is fast becoming my new specialty!  This guy is a swift as the wind and slippery as an eel!  He spends much of his day snout down, searching for food.  Hilary has him on a perpetual diet because he has a tendency to balloon into a giant vienna sausage!  She's going to be upset when she returns to find his harness much more snug than it was before she left!  What can I say?  He's only been here for one night - I'm innocent!
I put the "good" pillowcases on the bed for mom - only the best!  It's hard to remember when I had the kind of energy to piece such small designs for pillowcases!  (and the time!)
I'm working on sport socks - I need thick cotton for the cold months.  I think that I've found just about the perfect pattern for this worsted weight cotton -
Mac and Me - innovative!

Tonight we are having pizza from scratch - I'd better get busy peeling tomatoes!

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Delisa said...

Hi Jody! I love these slouchy cotton socks. They look so cozy. I am really looking forward to Autumn and those first fresh, brisk, sweater days! Your pillow case is lovely. I collect vintage pillow cases and sheets, especially anything with roses. I always sleep better in a bed covered with roses! :) Your visit with your Mom sounds wonderful. How nice to sit together and knit on the front porch and have chocolate chip cookies too. Pop! Have a wonderful weekend ahead and have fun working on your projects. With Love, Delisa :)