Sunday, June 24, 2012


I've had a few days behind massive A/C to create.  What else to do when the temps hover around 100 degrees?  First off, I want to show you my newest and most lovely garden piece.  I've wanted this skep, well, forever!
I know, I feel the same way.  Another view?
Someone was calling from the depths of the closet -
I learned how to sew on this, my grandmother's Singer.  When I examine this image I have to wonder about that ghostly veil on the left side.... is my grandmother visiting?  She never cared for me, so a visit from her would be surprising, yet welcomed.  Edith, we should talk.

I was 14 years old and caught up in the hottest summer in memory.  Too young to work or drive, I was stranded at home with nothing to do.  My mother and sister both sewed, but I had stubbornly refused 4H lessons.  I woke up one sweltering July morning and decided to retreat to the cool depths of the basement, and with the old Singer under my arm, I taught myself how to sew.

A girl needs clothes, don't you know?  After many many false starts and an awesome array of expletory language (overheard from the firemen on Sunday mornings - another story for another time...) I came up with something nearly passable.  If memory serves, it was a culotte.  And I loved it.  Sewing and I clicked.  We've had a steady relationship ever since and we've never broken up - not even once!  (don't think we don't argue though!)
Just started!
In the dreaming stage ...  I have coveted the California Girl line for quite awhile.  Usually I allow these things to brew.  If, after a few months, I'm still thinking about them, then it's time to act!  I'm proud to say that I haven't broken down and ordered the second edition of the Flea Market Fancy.  It's just a matter of time ...
A current favorite - three recipes tried with total success!  I would recommend this cookbook w/o reservation.
The fennel adores the heat - but sadly, this is the last shot of the clematis (who succumbed yesterday to the 90 degree blast)
Jackmanni, I'll miss you!


Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

My mother made me beautiful brushed corduroy cullotes when I was a junior in high school. They were high waisted with a wide waistband. In fact, I wore them at a party when Mr. Pom and I first got together. Yes, we go back that far....

I have that same Featherweight Singer in my closet - I am going to get it out and bring it to the Cape as a little sewing machine for curtains and pillows for The Cottage. Have a great week now that it has cooled down!

Zoey said...

I hope your heat wave has ended. We had a couple of days in the 90's but it is now back to cool days and evenings (54 degrees right now).

You have been busy quilting. I love the completed quilt.

I have been too busy gardening to do much on my quilt. I don't have the energy to do both like I used to.

farmlady said...

The skep is wonderful. I have always wanted one in the garden.
The sewing machine is wonderful too. I'm glad that you were inspired to sew with it. Maybe your grandmother is there in spirit trying to apologize and guiding you forward.

Sorry about the Clematis. I can't get them to grow in our summer heat either.
Here's to old sewing machines and air-conditioning.

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Love your finished quilt and your sewing machine. I would love to have an antique sewing machine that works. A Featherweight or even a hand turning one. Thanks for sharing.

Paulina said...

I was very little sitting on a stool watching my grandmother sewing. I always knew that I would follow in her footsteps. Mom made all our clothes which is why I ended up making my own. It got to the point when I wanted to wear something that was actually up to date. I would pick a picture out of Vogue magazine and copy it. Aren't we all so wonderful. My Meme used to sing French songs when she sewed. I adored her. I listed to classical music. I miss sewing.....