Saturday, June 30, 2012

many thanks

-to all who sent good wishes - our Bubbha came through his bout with pancreatitis and is resting comfortably.  And yes, that creature smiles.  Thank goodness that we still have that smile.

When I started this blog it was with the purpose to journal my work in images and expression.  I wanted a record to recall the pieces that left home, the ones that I would never see again.  My daughter informs me that I have separation issues!  I hope that you will indulge me through the following -

"It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" has left the building.
This little piece was great fun and it is highly personalized.
Jelly Beans for the lovely Renee - the Keeper of the Candy Bowl!  Oddly, she stays nice and slender while our waistbands expand!  Must. Avoid. The. Candy. Bowl!
What is universally true holds no exception in my office - women love shoes.  Especially sandals.  And ALWAYS ankle bracelets!  
Some like white -
Others prefer red.  Who DOESN'T like a marguerita?  Did I get that spelling correct?  Hmmmmm...
Let's zoom in on the bead salt encrusted rim of that drink ...
The beads, for me, are the icing on the quilt.  
The pink delicas are a special favorite and the drops, oh the drops!  Can never have enough drops.  That reminds me, my drop stash is 'dropping' dangerously low.  I wonder what time the bead shop opens.
Five o'clock is a good time for a brewski.  I suspect that if the temperature soars again this weekend there will be lots of suds consumed!  There are 50 shades of gray marching down the sides of this piece.  Some of my coworkers found themselves 'caught up' in that popular trash book - so much so that all three editions were passed around.  I couldn't NOT record this in some way.  After all, I take a lot of flack for my lack of enthusiasm for pop culture and what's fair is fair.  
I like to bead the corners of my work.  I'm always searching for beads that resemble sea glass, which I can never have enough of.  Mrs. Pom - if you're out there - won't you bring some sea glass back from the Cape?

I'll think that I will have my coffee on the bench this morning.  This is a nice old piece that fell into disrepair and was being trashed until my father rescued it.  It came over from mom's yard and Scott tightened it up further.
One imagines that the Ole Man is smiling.


Suz said...

oh that is beautiful
Glad you commented on grays...I think trash too...but hey, trash can be fun too
but not for many good books out there to read...
Love the added cool
so gypsy magical
love it love it
but don't have seperation anxiety
just think of it as releasing joy into the world
your office must be a hoot to work

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

The most fun of quilting for me these days is the beading, though I am doing little of it. I am going to a little art retreat in a few weeks near the sea and it is all about embellishing.

Sea glass, you say? Scarcer than hen's teeth round these parts...but you never know!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I just love the drink quilt. Yep... that's a keeper. Have a happy holiday!