Saturday, November 20, 2010


I went up to my sewing room with the intention of ironing all of the Thanksgiving napkins.  But there was something waiting for me - my old friend Distraction.         
Last season's Kincaid panel which STILL wants to be made into a tree skirt!  I had big plans for this one- complete with hand quilting and beads.  It was peeking out from beneath a massive stack of cottons.  It's unexpected presence started the wheels turning . . . a gift for Andrew, also waiting for closure.
Yes, close ups are available -
Just keeps getting better, yes?
It's going to be a sensational pillow.  And of course - this design work is the brilliance of my friend Linda Hibbert (Silver Linings Originals) If you love to paper piece AND you love your dog, you might want to scurry right on over to her site where you will find just about any and every breed you might imagine!  This piece may be finished with a tartan plaid border, or something equally masculine.  Andrew is currently looking at houses and this could be a nice housewarming gift to accompany the toaster oven that he's mentioned needing.  He doesn't read my blog, so I'm safe posting this stuff!
So - while I was up there in my cave sewing room, the canine theme seemed to have claimed me.  The Yappity Yap blocks that I've recently posted were asking to be sewn in holiday colors!
I was able to crank two of these guys out before Scott-the-Provider staggered in, arms full of groceries and whatnot.  He'd been to Sam's Club.  Needless to say, we are ready for whatever might be brewing out there in Northeast Land.  The weather has turned again and there is a chance that we might see snow for Thanksgiving.  I'll have plenty of food and sundries, just in case.  C'mon over.
No progress to report on the Trees, other than that they look so pretty to me, and serene, resting quietly on the design wall.  I have the patterns set out for the borders, which will include strings of Christmas bulbs winding around all four sides.  It's this terminal DISTRACTION!  And it doesn't stop with quilting projects!


JelliDonut said...

OMG. You are so talented. I have no words. The dog...OMG.

sophanne said...

I love those trees. And the dogs. Who ever said distraction was a bad thing. And while I'm sure I've held plenty, I've never been distressed by a wrinkled thanksgiving napkin.

Jane/WTKnits said...

Perfect distractions. You certainly do them so well! I can see snow on the mountains here and it's threatening to hit the lowlands tonight. Naturally I'm wearing wool...........from head to toe!

Linda M said...

I'm a paper piecing fan and I love your dog, great job! I think the yippity yap doggie is so cute, I'd like to make that quilt. Is there a pattern for it, or is that your own pattern?


Zoey said...

What a great gift your doggie pillow will be.

I also think strings of Christmas bulbs winding around all four sides of your tree quilt sounds perfect! Will that be appliqued or paper-pieced? I can't wait to see that one completed.

Bea said...

The dog is incredible. Wow. You're such an inspiration. Loving the yappity yip blocks too.