Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BEST QUOTE I HEARD ALL DAY or my workplace cracks me up

Kathleen, a friend and coworker of mine, has two adorable granddaughters.  The oldest, Siena, personifies the expression 'precocious'!!!!  It seems that a day doesn't pass without Kathleen sharing a real gem from the language and life of her 3 year old Siena. 
Today's jewel:  "Do witches fart?"

And yesterday, when asked what she was doing in the bathroom she replied, "Wiping my PIRATE parts and drying my cootie!" 

Last week Siena had a 24 hour bout with a flu bug.  It was her first real encounter with diarrhea.  She told her mother - "This isn't safe.  I'm just a little girl.  I can't do this all day long!"

We roar, I tell you!  There is nothing like a little bathroom humor to shake up the afternoon - especially when it comes from the mouths of babes!

Anyway - lovely Shanna came to the office today and agreed to model my finished That Chocolate Has Gone to your Head hat.  She is one of the most beautiful young women that I have ever seen - and that hair?  Absolutely natural.  You can't get that color from a bottle.
This hat is a bit big on Shanna - she's just a wisp of a girl!  I couldn't bear to have her pull it down further and spoil that glorious hair! It will fit Carson's head more snugly and be worn lower on the forehead!
Thank you Shanna - you're a good sport!  Oh - I just had to take a pic of Renee who knows how to wear the latest fashions . . . unlike SOME (unnamed) people in the office.  Renee always looks fantastic.  AND she just became the proud owner of a Boston Terrier pup.  There will be photos . . .
I love this little sweater-tunic.  Renee inspires me to think more and more about designing the knits that we want to wear! 

Some of my blog-buddies are involved in a new endeavor - let's see if I can link this - or something close to that!  They are making paper pieced blocks from an older and much loved pattern.  I have several of my own, but never put them together in an interesting way.  My quilting mojo is quietly beckoning from the corner .... thanks, Bea!

Something really creepy is going on with blogger - it refuses to allow me to download my photos.  I cannot deal with this at the end of a long day!  See you tomorrow!


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